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  • Very nice. really good use of space, except for your Television.

    I encourage you to mount the TV on a hing doorway so all the space behind the TV becomes storage

    add www to this—Swinging-TV-Cabinet-modern-living-room-portland for 1 visual example of what I mean, The bonus would be you could have the TV swing so you could view it from your table chair OR your arm chair, making it a second monitor for your laptop if you need that productivity.

    • Macy M says:

      Thanks Stephen, I can see your point, the TV is very rarely used and when it is it is mostly as a monitor for my computer, where it is right now for me is the perfect location for that, It is in a movable shelf which does actually have more storage behind it. I toyed with putting it on a swinging arm but in all reality it is nearly never on and I feel like I really wouldn’t use it anyway. If I watched more TV I may make it more flexible like that, it is a great idea! Thanks for the comment!

  • cassy says:

    i absolutely love your home! a bit off topic, but i think i love the books you have, too! i recognize a few: the biomimicry one, cradle-to-cradle, and the two ayn rand books. since you don’t have very much room for loads and loads of books i am sure it is hard to edit what books you have in your home. i am curious to what other books you have? lol

    • Macy M says:

      Oh this is a big drawback to tiny houses! :) I have never gotten into e-readers, that is a solution that lots of people find, I like REAL books! Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution is a great book, of course I have all the tiny house books too, Nano House, Small Cabins etc. Biophillia is an older one in the same vein as Biomimicry. That’s off the top of my head which isn’t very sharp this particular day, when I get home I’ll respond back again if there are any other ‘greats’ I feel are worth a mention :)

      • cassy says:

        wonderful! just added a few new books to my “read-list”. thank you for taking the time to respond and i look forward to hear what other gems you have on your shelf :) and, again, you have such a beautiful home!

  • Abby says:

    Beautiful home and well designed! Curious about the build time . . . Can you elaborate on whether the two years was needed to accumulate enough pallet boards or for labor?

    Also, what was your work schedule like? Weekends? Any assistance/help?

    Did you contract anything? (electric, plumbing, etc)

    • Macy M says:

      The build time was actually 18 months, not two years. The entire first two months were prepping the trailer, if you have a trailer that is ready to go you can x that off the to-do list. There was another two months in there recovering from a broken back where no work was getting done so the work of the house was actually around 14 months which was all ‘free time’. For nearly the entire build I had two jobs, one full time and one 20 hours a week, I also had a three leadership roles in three different volunteer organizations (USGBC, Big Brother Big Sisters and I was the president of my cities leadership program), each of those took up one full evening a week or so… Most weeks I was lucky to get one full weekend day to work, I tried to get a few hours in on the other weekend day and I could usually get one weeknight evening in, I guestimate that I was able to get 16-20ish hours in a week on the build. The hours included tracking down/shopping for supplies, picking them up, prepping all the used materials (the pallets took FOREVER! but were all sourced for free on Craigslist, usually 20+ at a time so it didn’t take too long to gather). I did most of the work myself, my dad helped me with the framing as I needed more hands than I had a lot of the time. The one thing I did hire out was for the reclaimed doors I found to be hung, I think I would try that if I had I to do over because it cost almost 200 to do that and I don’t think they did any better of a job than I could have… I had just heard that it had to be so precise but even after having it professionally done the doors stick, they aren’t ‘quite right’. The plumbing and electrical was self performed but I did have professionals check it before covering it up (my dad is a professional plumber so that helped too). Hopefully that helps. Thanks for the questions! Good luck to you, let me know if I can ever help navigate anything!

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  • D'Arcy Dunal says:

    Your tiny house is an inspiration Macy. We espespecially love that beautiful porch. We were also wondering about its location when the pictures were taken. Did you rent space in someone’s back yard? Or, perhaps a friend let’s you use their backyard. Again, thank you for telling us all your marvellous story. You’ve really got us thinking of building a little retreat like yours.

    • Macy M says:

      Hi D’Arcy-

      Thanks for the kind words, the photos were taken last October (2013), I rent the property from a friend, it is an empty lot. Thanks again!

  • thomas lundy says:

    I would like to get in touch with you ms. Miller. I have a few important questions I need answered. My friend and his girlfriend are planning a tiny house project within the next couple of months and I have been enlisted to help build it. I cant seem to find a link to contact you and any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Macy M says:

      Hi Thomas-
      Happy to help however I can, you can find my email address under the ‘contact me’ tab to the left, it is mizacy at

  • I read the above posts. I had forgotten that I read ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand when I was a girl. It has helped shape my life. I like your blog. I hope you and your little girl are well :)

  • D'Arcy says:

    You may know this already, but they made a movie of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It stars a very young Garry Cooper.

  • Andy says:

    Hello Macy, Fantastic idea. I am curious about where you park your tiny house. Looks like something that I’ll be seriously looking into once my children are grown.

    • Macy M says:

      Hi Andy, I rent some property from a friend downtown, there is always the option to park in an RV park though it’s usually a little more expensive to do that. There is also a growing resourcec to hook renters up with property owners at as well as at Hopefully that is helpful!

  • Kayla says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to comment on your other post but I wanted to congratulate you both on your little baby girl, she’s precious!!! Loved all the photos you posted :-) Hope you have safe travels to the NC conference!!!

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