My Plans

  • General Information
  • Material List
  • Floor/Ceiling Plans
  • Roof/Undercarriage Plans
  • Framing Plans
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Plumbing Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Interior Elevations
  • Sections
  • Millwork Information
  • Construction Details
  • Sketchup Model

Basic Plans


Full Plans




The ‘Basic-Plans’ package

I know some people just want the floor plans and framing plans and they will take it from there.  The ‘Basic-Plans‘ package is just this.  It is a 13 page set of drawings with general information (including links to products that may be less familiar and my exact fixtures), a material list for basic costing purposes, some floor and ceiling plans, elevations and framing plans, that’s it.  Simple easy general info without the bells and whistles.  There are no details of specific wall assemblies included in this package.

The ‘Full-Plans’ package

For those that want it all detailed out down to the millwork the ‘Full-Plans‘ set has just that.  It’s a 33 page set of drawings that includes everything in the Basic Plan package as well as the electrical plan, plumbing plan, millwork and all the details of assemblies I used in my actual house.  This, I imaging would be the package that I would purchase if I as starting it over again from scratch, in fact I WISH I had had this prior to going at it.

The ‘Everything’ package

The third package is Everything, the full plans plus the Sketchup model which is fully editable.  I really didn’t want to let go of my Sketchup Model but I presume there are those people who want to build something similar to my house but maybe with a few tweaks.  This would be the package for them, they can start with the base sketchup model and tweak things from there.  I am only offering the Sketchup Model with the purchase of the full set of plans, not independently.

There are just a few differences between the plans and my actual house, I made all of the changes for the better, they are as follows:

  • The kitchen window is shorter to allow for a sill above counter height
  • The stairs are relocated for ease of use
  • Tile floor are not suggested and radiant floors are not required (would require a heavy duty trailer)
  • Cabinets don’t require welding, they are more typical construction
  • Walls are 24″ on center
  • Electrical panels may vary
  • Trailer will vary (there are general connection details)

I wish you all  the very best and I hope to follow along with your journey to minimize!  Please do not hesitate to contact me, if I can help you get there I certainly will!

Plan Samples:

 The Minimotives ebook is now available!

Minimotives; A Tiny House Story

In addition to the plans I have also put together a helpful guide for learning more about how and why I built  my house, it summarizes everything from my 18 month build blog for you. You can learn more about my ebook or purchase it HERE.

MiniMotives ebook



I tried to set this up so that everyone can get their needs met,
I have three levels of tiny house plans available and a helpful ebook:

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38 thoughts on “My Plans

  1. So you say you moved the stairs for ease of access… What did you exactly mean by that? I am concerned that it will no longer fit a king sized bed in the loft. The way you have it in your home it wouldn’t interfere with that. Just curious what you meant. Again THANKS FOR THE PLANS :D

    1. I just swapped them with the cabinet next to them so they were more central, it will still fit a king sized bed but they are very easily swapped back to the right hand side like I have them if you wanted that instead. I have just found that with the stairs being right against the wall I have a natural tendency to lean away from the wall. They absolutely work, I just thought they may function a little better more central, as you look at the plans you’ll be able to see that bank of storage is basically 4 parts which can be interchanged with each other as they suit your needs easily, the details will all be the same.

  2. Hi, Mary!

    I love the house! But I’m wondering…you built it yourself, as you’re an architect, right? And it cost you $11,000. Well, I don’t know nothin’ ’bout buildin’ no houses :D, so how much, do you think, it would cost me to have someone else build one for me? Thanks!

    1. Hi Judy-
      I did build it myself as a designer (I’m not really an architect, just studied it), it was my first construction project ever, I was pretty novice myself but knew a little about the systems to start. If i didn’t reclaim materials I believe my cost would have been about 20-22k without labor, a good rule of thumb is to double material costs for labor so I would guess someone could build you this for about 40-44k (This labor cost is really why tiny houses have been a DIY movement I believe). There are a ton of great builders out there though, let me know if you’d like me to point you in a direction for a builder (there are some questionable ones too…)

    1. Hi there, yes, I have moved it and it is pretty heavy. I actually made mine a triple axle trailer to handle the extra weight as it was an experiment with radiant floors. In the plans I recommend not doing a tile floor which cuts off about 6000 pounds and would make it about 9,000-10,000 pounds complete (plenty for the right dual axle trailer to handle). Great question!

  3. Hi, I have been looking for option to build a mortgage free house for a single person. This is the best option I have seen so far in moth of searching. $ 11,000 is very affordable for me. I’ll will have to build it all by myself and I have a basic to none knowledge of construction, but I’m good with my hands. Would it be realistic, in my situation, to get in something like this?. Also,what did you use for the out side siding?. Do your plans include full construction and details ( from inside and outside), and all I have to do is get furniture in once I’m done?. Well, thanks so much. I really like your place
    God bless


    1. Hi Igor-
      The full set of plans includes all construction details inside and out. I truly believe that anyone can build their own house with enough funds and determination and a little know how on Google ;-). The full set include details which show how each wall assembly is put together and all of the millwork/framing etc. is put together but it does not go into ‘how-to ‘ of each step,drywall for example. It just shows you where the drywall goes in relation to the framing, moisture barrier etc. but the act of how to install drywall will need to be googled if it is not known already (Youtube is a great resource that will give tutorials on HOW to do each step). There are links in the plans that show the specific materials and fixtures I used,I leftmost of the finishes unspecified because that is a personal choice and will most likely vary.

      The biggest determinant of if it is realistic for you would be for me to ask how determined are you? It is a big project and will require your attention even when sometimes you won’t want to give it to it.

      All the dimensions and details are outlined though and I am always around for questions as they arise but with no previous experience you will have to get acquainted with DIY books and/or Youtube as well to bridge gaps,if that seems simple enough though and you are determined then I think it is absolutely in your realm. :) (sorry for the long answer, hopefully that clears it up)

  4. I think this is a very nice home. A couple questions though :

    Washer and dryer?

    Where are you parking your home? What to do if the situation changes?

    1. I’m not sure what you’re asking for with the w/d question, I’ll just put this right here, and hope that it answers your question.
      I park on a friends lot downtown, there are a lot of paths I can take if I ever have to unwillingly move, mostly involving moving it, the wheels are handy for that. If the situation has to change I will change with it. I hope that’s the info you are looking for>

  5. How are you coping with adding a baby, a boyfriend and a Great Dane to your tiny space? Are you planning on building something bigger now?

    1. Oh man, I am so grateful to have my house, it is perfect for us right now! Hazel fits right in, she’s pretty much attached to me anyway… We incorporated her stuff in perfectly. Dener got evicted from the bed once she came around, no co-sleeping for him, he now takes over the couch at night, apparently it’s much better than his dog bed… I try not to take that personally since I built his dog bed… :). James has his shop where he is most of the day working away. It would be hard if we both worked from home but since we can keep the house just for living and not working we don’t step all over each other and clutter it up with papers! No immediate plans to move on but we are both into alternative building methods and have been talking about doing a container house and a straw bale house, it wavers on which one will be next! I have a pretty nifty design going for a container house! :)

    1. It would be easy enough to do, I designed it so that the patio could be enclosed and be a room for a kiddo. I am not personally going to make that change for a while if I ever do but it is doable!

  6. I love your blog! My husband and I living in central Ohio (although I’m a California girl, born and raised) lately we have been considering building a tiny house in a year or so. However we have issues to consider, one being that we have a 3 month old son and the other being our 185 lbs Great Dane Sir Walter. I came across your blog g and discovered that it is duable. I love it! How did you make room for a toddler and a dane?

    1. no way! Thats too funny! Denver is not a very active dog to put it lightly, he sleeps on the couch all day long. Hazels got her little creature comforts that all tuck away while not in use. There is nothing too complex about it, the most important part is to make sure everyone has their own sleeping quarters, we handle Hazels with a co-sleeper, denver gets the whole downstairs and we get the bed, the rest just works out :)

  7. Nicely done TH. I am a single man now looking into this lifestyle. I wanted to ask why you used so much space for a porch? I see many designs incorporate this feature even if on 18-24″ deep. Moving into a TH I envision it making me go outside more and doing things there like cooking etc when the weather is suitable. As such I think a pull out awning and a outside tent top area would be ideal. I realize it is all in your personal preference. Was there anything about the dovetail trailer that made it more difficult to build over that section?

    1. no real reason, I didn’t need any more house and I had the extra space. It was just chance that that is the trailer I got… It came down to cutting off the dovetail (my original plan) or building the patio over it and leaving myself with some room to expand in the future. It is all preference :). I LOVE my patio, it is awesome to sit out there in the rain and be covered, its also nice to shade my door so i can leave the back door open in the spring/fall and not have a huge heat gain.

  8. Great house. I’ve been pricing materials and it seems the trailer is a high priced item. You mentioned the toilet being 2k, just curious as to what the trailer costs?

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and your plans! I am wondering on the moving front – is this a size that requires a special permit for moving – and is it possible to move it by freeway (as in, could it make a two hour journey from one landing spot to another) or only side streets for moderate distances?



  10. This house is Awesome! Great job. I’m curious about your water and power hook-up requirements? I’m developing a vision of living in a tiny house somewhere out in the boonies and I keep getting stuck on the water and power problem that would keep me in grid or mid grid.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  11. Hi Macy. I think your house looks great and I love that you DIDN’T do a loft. I wondered why 2 doors? To meet some kind of code or just because? Thanks! Laura

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks! I did two doors just cause I wanted to! There are no codes that regulate that decision but I wanted a front door and a back door, and it seemed safer to have one on either side of the kitchen.

    1. It was a time-zone issue in the coupon code, it JUST expired but I’ve got it back online for ya, let me know if you have any issues!

    2. It was a time-zone issue in the coupon code, it JUST expired but I’ve got it back online for ya, let me know if you have any issues!

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