My Bucket List

I just checked my little bucket list I have going on and realized that this little house is going to help me check of SO many things, there is one more reason this is suited for me.  Here is my list, the bold items are going to be achieved or can be achieved through this little tiny house study:

The goal is to list 150 things that you want to do in your lifetime, essentially a bucket-list I suppose… It was a pretty fun process to go through and obviously I have a lot more to come up with, rather than forcing it and adding silly little things just to get to 150 I decided I will post this and gradually build on it as more ideas come to me 🙂

One hundred and fifty things I want to do in my lifetime:

From the most simple,
to the most extravagant,
to the utterly ridiculous,
these are my dreams:

  1. Play the violin
  2. Play the piano (First Song
  3. Learn French
  4. Ride an elephant
  5. Teach a horse how to lay down
  6. Visit Ireland
  7. Get a masters degree
  8. Build my own house
  9. Work from home
  10. Raise a family
  11. Live with purpose
  12. Surround myself with only positive influences
  13. Have chickens
  14. Have a greenhouse attached to my house
  15. Be wikipediable
  16. Give a worthy speech to over 1,000 people
  17. Sew a wardrobe
  18. Tour Europe for three months
  19. Give random complements to strangers
  20. Leave a ridiculous tip for a deserving waitress/waiter
  21. Practice yoga consistently for a year
  22. have an hour of my own quiet time every day
  23. Run a marathon
  24. Never rely on a bank for finances
  25. Surf in the ocean
  26. Own a jersey cow (and milk it!)
  27. Move outside of the United States
  28. Get my ears pierced
  29. Own my own business
  30. Have an awesome backyard with hanging lights
  31. Found a non-profit
  32. Be an amazing life partner
  33. Quit a job in a ridiculous way
  34. Write a thank you letter every day for a year
  35. Make my own natural cleaning supplies
  36. Grow a garden that will produce enough veggies for the entire year
  37. Create every week I am alive
  38. Learn to can my own veggies
  39. Start to compost
  40. Go an entire year without producing more than a shoebox full of garbage 
  41. Go an entire year without going out to eat
  42. Never eat fast food again
  43. Visit at least 10 countries
  44. Walk a great dane and a chihuahua at the same time
  45. Give back to my community
  46. Work with Mike Reynolds building earthships
  47. Learn to swim
  48. Vote in every presidential election that I can
  49. Continually show my family how much they mean to me
  50. Send my mom and dad on an all expenses paid cruise
  51. Own a rental property to pass on to each of my kids
  52. Fund my house in cash
  53. Spend less than $100 on my utility bills in one year
  54. Make my own wine
  55. Learn how PV’s work, really
  56. Work for/with Mithun
  57. Move to a random location
  58. Learn to do a tarot reading
  59. Join a sports league
  60. Volunteer at a womens and childrens shelter
  61. Matter to people
  62. Redo an entire house from the ground up
  63. Start a blog and stick to it
  64. Build a family cabin with my brothers
  65. Lead a life that doesn’t require a car
  66. Maintain a lifelong friendship with at least two people
  67. Always tell the truth and be honest
  68. See aurora-borialus
  69. Build one of these and live in it for at least 2 years
  70. Skydive with Nate for his unbirthday
  71. Save someone’s life
  72. Redo a small aluminum boat for a lazy summer day of fishing and reading
  73. Get good at making my own bread
  74. Learn photography and make enough from it to pay for the equipment
  75. Get over my not dancing thing
  76. Be in a movie
  77. Be a big sister
  78. Learn HDR Photography
  79. Be a guest on a radio talk show
  80. Travel to a random city to watch a band
  81. Pet a giraffe
  82. Give a TED Talk
  83. Spend more time with the elderly
  84. Watch the ball drop in Time Square
  85. See a flash mob
  86. Get published
  87. Play in one of these
23 things, not too shabby! 🙂


  1. Love your bucket list!! I share some similar ones, but my list isn’t nearly as long haha. I’m excited to follow along in your tiny house building process too. Since we’re just starting out, it’ll be nice to learn from others who have done it before us 🙂

  2. I’ll be a volunteer for #74. Great job on your list. I went minimalist a year ago. I’ve never been so free. Good luck Macy

    1. Hahaha! Deal! Good to have some experience behind the advice, sometimes it’s a scary move, I have no doubt it will be worth it though! Thank you for the well wishing!

  3. Huh ? I can’t believe you haven’t seen the Northern Lights . That far north I would have assumed it was a rather frequent sight for you Idaho folks . I saw it once back in 93 here in Ohio . Very rare to ever see it here . I would love to see it up in canada with the timber wolves howling their approval 🙂

    1. I know I know, I am told it happens here sometimes, we have too many city lights around to really see though. I have made a few drives to the boonies to try to catch a glimpse when they were supposed to be ‘fairly visible’ but I have never had any luck… one day…

  4. Wow! I finally sat down and read through your blog. Love it! I only wish I had discovered tiny houses sooner. I have 3 kids, a corgi mix and a soul mate. We live in about 1200 sq. ft. in the middle of no where. I totally dream of making my own tiny house on wheels so that I can retire and travel around the US with it. More than that – I hope my kids will discover the tiny house movement as a way for them not to be in debt! I now have a trailer but we will be using that for moving a tractor around so I can’t steal it for my tiny house
    :0( I’m considering a bus which I’ve found really cool ideas for. I hope you continue to write and post pictures about your tiny house. I find it inspiring!

    1. Well thank you Lulu! I’m glad you find it inspiring! I assure you, 1,200 s.f. for a family of five is not too shabby as far as keeping your footprint small :). I have heard of much worse! Show your kids, they may just be interested when they are old enough! I had no idea it was out there, i wish I did this 10 years ago! Thank you for the comment!

    1. I can’t change it because it is a pre-made WordPress template BUT, if you hold down the control key and use the scroll wheel on your mouse you can adjust the font display size in any web browser. That will work for all websites, not just mine. I found it accidently one day but it is a trick I use often!

  5. 79 and 91 are the same, so you can strike one of them off of your list.
    I’m a bit older than you and it’s good to see that, looking back, I can strike off a lot of things on your list .
    I’ve never pet a giraffe or ridden an elephant, however. I did pet a camel.
    And I’ll never be wikipediable, but I perfectly ok with that!

    Btw, 42 is very tough! In the last 8 months, I have generated one small shopping bag of trash and I can see that if I compacted it, it might fit in a shoebox, but I do have 4 more months to go. It’s senseless packaging, even if you shop carefully.

    1. Good catch! I must have really wanted to do that… I get to actually check that one off now too, If you ever see TINY: A Story About Living Small I am in it! 🙂
      I would say you are doing pretty good as far as #42 goes, most people would have a hard time going a week… unfortunately.

  6. love your list i am planning on making one up my self but it will have to be smaller and realistic to what I can a achieve as I am not well but really want to keep my mood up and give myself some good memories as I haven’t got many as I have bee unwell for 4 years now and I am not getting better so thought a mini list would be good if you have any ideas please let me know, just curious what movie have you been in ?

    1. Hi! Thanks Chelsea! That is totally the point of a bucket list but the other main idea is to dream big, you should definitely include some things you thing you may never ever do but that you want to. You might surprise yourself ( I know I have so far). I was in a very short clip in the movie TINY: A Story About Living Small ( Very fortunate (I never really thought that one would happen). I think it’s important to keep the mood up, I hope you get better :/. It makes me sad that some people just get a raw deal, can I ask what is wrong? Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  7. Hi Macy,
    I’m super excited to have come across your blog. I just watched Tiny a few days ago and it gave me ‘a way out’ of this ‘stuck’ feeling I’ve been having for a while. I’m in love with the idea of building my own tiny house!! Your story is inspiring and you’ve provided a TON of resources!! Thanks!
    In return, check out for #42 on your bucket list. One of my favorite sites in the www!

  8. I love this. Just found your blog while researching tiny house living and I’m basically reading every post at this point. May need to sit down and make myself a bucket list too. And I’m going to give number 42 a try myself. If you ever find yourself in Florida, we’ll teach you how to swim and surf. 🙂

  9. I’m curious on number 42.. What about toilet paper?? Do you not flush it? Also do you recycle and if you do does that not count toward your shoe box full?

    1. i do recycle, and I don’t count that. It impact the purchases I make for sure, there s SOO much packaged in bulky and non-recyclable stuff! I am glad to see some shifting in the years though!

  10. Hi Macy,
    How are you? I’m loving this list! Would you be at all interested in an interview for my blog Bucket List Bound? It’s all about lists like yours, & I would love to ask you a few questions via messenger, text or by phone if you’re at all interested. Please let me know what you think.

  11. Impressive list! However, please do more research into all of the goals that pertain to animals. You’ve mentioned that you care about animal welfare, yet many of your goals involve exploiting and/or abusing animals. The most problematic is probably your desire to ride an elephant. Read about this and watch videos about this please. Think about it… elephants are giant, wild creatures who charge at and kill humans who threaten them. Now imagine how much abuse and “taming” must be done to an elephant to get it to be ridden by humans. Captive elephants are chained up, beaten into submission, and horribly abused for their whole lives. There is so much information and videos about this out there. In places like Thailand, you’ll find a few ethical elephant rescue organizations (and many unethical ones that just want to make money by pretending to care about elephants), and NONE of the ethical rescues allow riding on elephants — because it’s cruel, it’s bad for elephants’ backs, and elephants were not put on this planet for you to ride them.

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