Renovation Day 10

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We are getting there!  I am on track to wrap up tomorrow, all things going well of course.  This last weekend was our weekend to finish the counters and build Hazel and Mr. T’s bed.  I was dreading the counter but looking forward to the bed project, both got done :), though, in hindsight I COULD have done a better job on the counter… next time ;-).  We got an early jump and built a lot of the bed Friday night.  Then I did solo work Saturday on the counters and finished up the bed Sunday.  Hazel was with us the whole weekend, usually my mom takes her so things took a little longer BUT she had a blast and learned how to make a bed!

My only remaining project is the shower, which is well underway at the time I write this but I will save that update to do on it’s own… in a few days, if it turns out well :), OR if it doesn’t, wither way, you’ll hear about it soon!  I think it will turn out well though… short story is I am turning my shower from Black to white, it is a sore thumb after the renovation and looks like a cave… So soon it will be bright and airy like the rest of the place!

Here are some pictures, hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!



  1. So, are you painting over the black tile? What are you using? Also, I just love the picture of you and Hazel sitting on the bed with her possessive little hand on you. Precious.

  2. All is looking great! Loved the pic of you in the respirator mask with your 27 week belly. It could win a prize.

  3. Hi Macy and the little family, every body seems to have worked hard even sweet Hazel looking in the bedroom if everything is ok with her. She is so cute and I am positive you are having a good time with the renovations even if it is lost of work. I am so happy for all of you and wish you all the best. Macy when everything is done will you make a tour video of your renovated house? Take care my dear and enjoy all the good moments in life. Francine xoxo.

    1. I will absolutely do that! I hate video but it’s next on my list, I think it shows things so much clearer!

  4. What an incredibly clever design of space for that little bedroom. Two beds and storage and it all looks charming, as well as being functional. I see you replaced all your flooring. I remember reading that you had a radiant floor heat system. Did it spring a leak or stop working? I’ve always thought radiant heat sounded like a good idea, except for how awful a repair it would be if it ever broke.

    1. I did have radiant heat but it was the electric kind, not hydro. I did a little review on it here,, ultimately it wasn’t as efficient as I would have liked, Hydro would be more so but I would be afraid of something shifting and causing a leak in a mobile structure… I think this will be more comfortable for the munchkins to crawl around on than cold tiles, so far so good! 🙂

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