The Shower Renovation!

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We got done!  Not a minute too soon, I swear I had nothing left in me at the end of it.  I had the best weekend of my life last weekend (pregnancy gives you short term memory ;-)), I had to do nothing.  I CHOOSE still to do somethings, even work on the house but I was not under any deadlines, so it is different, mentally.

So here is what the addition all shakes out to:

  • our house is now 36 s.f. (~20%) bigger, bringing the total to 232 s.f. of goodness.
  • In that extra square footage we have gained two children’s beds, clothes and toy storage for those kiddos and open floor space to play in, which I am contemplating filling with a kids table set that I will make for Hazel to have her tea parties on… but that is a different post…
  • We lost a patio 🙁 (so worth it already!)
  • We changed out all of the flooring in the entire house and nixed the radiant heat floor (It wasn’t doing us any good)
  • All the metal that was getting rusty looking from moisture issues and not being sealed properly from the start is now a crisp white.
  • The counter tops, bathroom sink and barn door have been updated to match,
  • The original plan was to add a bathtub but I ran out of steam for a big re-tile job so I made due with refinishing the existing shower, taking it from a black cave to a refreshing white and clean look!

So, budget… I had originally planned $1,500 to do the addition.  But then I added reflooring and refinishing the counters so I bumped it up to $2,000 (even though the flooring actually cost $700… so you see I robbed Peter to pay Paul… I try to trick myself like that)  Well, it came out to just over $2,200 so it didn’t really help to try to trick myself into robbing Peter, I ultimately spent the original $1,500 plus the full $700 for new floors… so kind of on budget, right :).  The total cost, I believe was $2,227.15, which if you add that to the entire previous house cost ($11,416.16) comes to $13,643.31 for my completed tiny house.  The house as is would not have been comfortable for all of us after Mr. T is born in Sept/Oct.  This small addition will make the tiny house a viable option for all of us for a good 3-5 more years, so I think it was a pretty solid investment!

So I am going to start off with the shower redo:

If you want more info on the specifics of the product used you can find the exact paint here, Rust-Oleum two part tub and tile refinishing kit

And the respirator I used, which I HIGHLY recommend, even if not pregnant (the reviews on just the face mask versions were not great with this paint, it smells terrible!).  I did not smell a thing and this one is only a little more expensive then the others… you can see it HERE, it worked well for this pregnant lady and my midwife was not even a little concerned, she found my below pregnancy picture hilarious! 🙂

OK, so that was my awesome shower remodel, now a few overall shots of the place, these are not great photos because, well they were taken with my tablet by me and I am NOT a great photographer…  One of the best things I ever did before was to hire a professional photographer to take some pictures though so I will be doing that again.  It is nice to have a great image to remember what the house should look like when it’s cleaned right ;-).  Lol!  BUT here are a couple just to show what it looks like, I will get my act together and do a new video tour here shortly as well, that usually gives a better idea of how things feel walking through the space.

So that is that, while I call the house and the renovation ‘done’ there are still some little pieces I am working on as I go and letting change as needed.  I think I am going to make Hazel a little table and chair set as she really likes having a little stool in  her room, she uses it like a table, I think she would dig her own little table.  She’s such and independent girl!  If I don’t entertain her well enough through the day she takes off to play alone in her room, she LOVES the little handles on her door that we placed at her height.  She runs back there carefully grabs her handle and closes the door to play alone :).  She reads her books and plays with her little people who she’s got names for, I’ll ask her to go get ‘Eric’ or ‘Abby’ and she will go grab a specific one, it’s pretty cute… I’m SO glad we decided to add on but also SOOOO glad to be on the other side of this renovation!!  It didn’t turn out exactly as planned, things never do, but I absolutely love it!

I’ll update soon with a video tour and hopefully some better images!





  1. A-MAZING! This looks so nice, and you were right–the bath and shower look better brighter! Good work, Momma and Dad. Now, relax a bit till the new arrival appears.

    1. Thank you! Hazel is hilarious, she does love it, her grandma came over and she literally gave a tour, she couldn’t wait to show here where she has all her toys and how she can already climb the ladder, and open the rail and crawl into bed, it was adorable, she’s a proud new bedroom owner for sure! 🙂

  2. You’ve come a long way! Great inspiration, can’t wait to see what the future holds for the little family. Announcement to the whole world–I GET FIRST CASH DIBS whenever you decide to sell or build that cobb house.

    Hugs again from Houston, the sweltering heat is tough here. Thank God for A/C.
    Rowena & Jonathan

    1. Hehehehe! Thanks Rowena! 🙂 I was thinking about you when we had out 100+ degree weather! That stuff is NO fun!

  3. Your house looks so cozy, I liked the black tile but it does look more cheerful for a family house. Nice of you to post the pictures of the in the middle of the painting process when the apprehension set it. I’ve been there. How is it holding up?

    1. So far so good, I read a LOT of reviews. They were totally split about 50/50 on it being a pain in the butt to do and not turning out great and it being an awesome product. the ones who thought it was awesome were kind enough to do updates as the years went by and there were several that came back 2-3 years later and said it still looks as good as the day they refinished so I have high hopes! 🙂

  4. The new floors look great and the sower looks nice as well. Can you post a close-up photo of the epoxy on the tile? I did not know this stuff existed, and it maybe a perfect “fix” to the 30 year old subway tile in one bathroom of my not-so-tiny-house that I am getting ready to sell, which has cracks in the joints from not being sealed (it was installed over drywall, so it’s actually held up pretty good for being built in ’78).

  5. Reading about your plans for Hazel’s room, I had an idea. A drawer mounted to the wall and hinged (to hinge UP against the wall, perhaps some chalkboard paint underneath) and a single thickness of table under that for her to use (that hinges down flat against the wall). You’d be able to sue both as a changing table and to access storage, fold the top portion up for her to have a desk/table or fold both against the wall when not in use. (your video inspired me).

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