Tiny House Work Day: Trailer

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I made a fort! ha!  I threw this tarp over my trailer top and started a heater underneith it because even though I am out of direct weather an in my dads shop it is still december, its COLD!  This worked out pretty well.  So this fort is where I will be spending most of my free time this week… ‘construction’ has begun only it starts with ‘destruction’.  I need to take the floor boards off my trailer so that I can build the foundation into the trailer.  I have read that the more you can integrate teh house with the actual framing of the trailer the better off you will be.  (This remindes me, i need to look at licensing the trailer before I get too ‘destructive with it…).  Even though the tiny house will be integrated with the trailer, and therefore part of the trailer the DMV still clasifys it as a ‘neatly stacked load’ so I need to get the trailer licensed prior to getting too far into construction so that if there are any hickups I can address them early.

My fort. 🙂

The view from my fort… (I need better work shoes, my office job shoes don’t cut the cold very well.

Each of these bolts needs to be unbolted.  My dad was kind enough to count how many bolts there were, 320


Each bold has two seperate nuts on it that are locked together, each nut needs to be taken off seperately.  (320 bolts equals out to 640 nuts… amounts to a good many hours of my life!) Some are much harder to get to than others too… My plan is to get this done this week although I have a busy week planned with an exciting murder mystery party, and my cousin coming to town to visit from back east, a leadership class AND a class on the efficiency of windows… I pretty much have tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday to get on this, considering I got a half of ONE board done tonight I need to get a move on… (I did forget I had an appointment to give blood tonight though, that ate up some time…) wish me luck for tomorrow and Wednesday!

This is a picture of the ‘leaf spring’, I learned what that was the other day.  I need to order another set of these to install a third axle (just in case) as soon as the decking is off… I get to learn how to weld!  So excited for that!  Good night all!



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