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I had an awesome time at a good friends murder mystery party last night, the plan was to wake up early and get going on some ‘tasks’ I need to finish before getting to work on the trailer… didn’t happen quite that way… got home at 4am… took longer to finish ‘tasks’ than I expected BUT I found some killer deals on a shower basin and underfloor heat for my tiny house. 
I got this underfloor heat system, still in box for $375. 
I still have a lot to learn about this side of things but I figure even at worst case scenario I can shut it off and just have a normal floor, add a space heater or propane heater even, it will be a learning experience, thoughI think it will end up working amazingly! 
Here are some more pictures of the pieces parts.
The actual wire part.
The brackets to hold down the heat wire.
The programmable thermostat.
I also got this shower basin for $15 bucks!  It was from a dude on Craigsilst.  It has a little chip in the corner but it will be totally cool!
I was debating between getting an insert or just a basin and tiling the rest.  After seeing how big 3’x3’ actually is I also thought about going to 32”x32” but I decided on the basin and keeping with the 3’x3’, not just because it was a screaming deal, but because it is my home, I want it to be kickass design AND comfy.  I think I can have a cool stylized bathroom, I am picturing a mixture of matte and metallic black 1”x1” tiles with chrome accents… but we will see much later down the line on that one! 
So, I am nursing a bit of a hangover and didn’t feel up to braving the cold to finish up disassembling the trailer bed. Tomorrow is the day though!  And in the mean time I wasn’t a COMPLETELY unproductive day…
In other news, waiting on the back burner, I went to a lecture last week on picking and installing windows, doors and insulation for maximum energy efficiency (yeah, we have some pretty great resources here in Boise… Thanks Integrated Design Lab  At the lecture I met with a gentleman who is a local representative for an energy efficient building wrap, he mentioned he would be interested in sponsoring my building wrap.  I have to do a little bit of research and make sure it will work before I commit, the installation requires a one inch air gap and I am trying to see if I can work with that in my rain-screen wall… We shall see! 
Also, I met a really nice guy who has a mechanical engineering background who, non-committaly (not a real word) suggested helping with some wind powered options.  We have a TON of wind out here all year long so I was thinking that could be a very interesting primary or secondary source of power. 
ALSO, my brother Jeff mentioned talking to a battery company about maybe getting some discounted battery sources sponsored from a great local company.  That being one of the more expensive parts of the electrical system, it would be really great if that worked out!  That is my update for now. 
I hope everyone has had as good of a weekend as I have!

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