1. I love this it could be all my husband and I can afford for a retirement home with not a lot of expense out of pocket, we could pay for this with cash put in a solar system and maybe we could travel finally. we started a family at 17 years old and 20 years old in 1982 now we have six awesome kids and five grandbabies. we never got a real wedding let alone a honeymoon, we had no money so this could be our dream come true, so THANK YOU SOOO MUCH I’m Darla

  2. It is beautiful,I think I need a little more room.I have the three kitty cat’s and of course 3 boxes’s and I have a cat tree that goe’s to the ceiling when they tear it to shread’s I just re-carpet it.I like the one girl she had a kitty palace.But as I look at all these folk’s working on there tiny house I see they all have family,Boy friend or husband. I have none of those plue I’am disabled,So I Pray God will help and get me out of this fire trap sec.8 bug infested overpriced,slumlord apt.I know he will.But I am so glad for you and for other’s there are no code’s or zone’s so far.there trying but it’s a old minning town that floods.some still have the washroom outside Debbie

  3. I saw your house and it is EXACTLY what I had envisioned for me! Would love to have your plans. I have nephews and nieces that would help this old lady build it! Is the toilet like a camper toilet? and are you propane? I just LOVE your sharing with me….been a long time since I was this excited about a project!

    1. Hi Lillie! I happen to have the plans ready finally! It is a little omre permanent of a toilet but you could cetainly use an RV toilet. Mine is a remote composting toilet, you can search ‘composting toilet’ in the top search bare and it will bring up 4 posts about it and the details. My stove and water heater are propane, the rest is electric. I am stoked you are stoked! 🙂 Sorry to be so slow getting back! I’ve been slammed lately!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I am in my planning stage of my tiny home (gooseneck trailer). I love the tiny house and I’m so looking forward to starting my own. You have given me hope and ideas in completing mine.

    I wanted to know how long did it take you to build? How much was budgeted and the over-all costs? If this is too personal to post, then I understand if you don’t answer.

    My personal budget is cheap, inexpensive, refurbished, hand-me-downs, etc. for the materials. I will start out with the basics for the base of my home and start to calculate from there.

    Anyway, thank you again for sharing.


    1. Sorry I’m so slow!
      18 months to move in, 24 months to ‘completed’, like really done, done.
      Budget goals were 10-12k, exact cost was $11,416.16 (I have a budget page with all of that broken out) I reclaimed a lot! Hope that helps!

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