Travel Trailer Update – 6 days!

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My boys!

6 days to go to be done, much progress made this weekend.

What We Did:

We have an awning! We built the rock guard. We wired the solar array. We installed the patio light. Made the hid-a-way dog food dishes. We secured the hatch doors. We prepped the heater. We painted and installed the drip edges over the windows. We trimmed out the openings on the inside. We made curtain rods (curtains to be made soon). We made our wheels pretty. We made our (hopefully last) Amazon order.

What We Will Do:

This week we will mount the rock guard and solar panel. We will make curtains. We will hook up propane. We will seal the front door. We will pretty it all up. We will hang the license plate.


Some Notes On The Feels:

It is scary to do this. Like everything we’ve done so far, I think [hope] it is worth it!  When I am scared like this I like to reflect a little on just how far we’ve come… We built our own HOUSE!  Twice now.  Even though this is technically an RV it is our home and it IS starting to feel homey!  We have paid off all of our debts, transitioned our jobs to be passion centered and location independent.  We have downsized our need and want for ‘stuff’.  All that is left pretty much is the part where we capitalize on all those efforts and spend our free time exploring the country.  WHY is this so scary!  We have literally done all the hard stuff, it’s just supposed to be fun now!

Still the fear is there… Still, we persist.  Rationally, there is nothing to be afraid of.  Thank goodness we are rational people!   😉

Some Photo Progress:



  1. Macy, I’m so EXCITED for you and the family!! That map motif is way cool… are you going to commemorate your trip with dots on the places you visit?

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