Travel Trailer Update – It’s Time! Sorta

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We’re 99% there…

We’ve had a small issue come up with out propane tanks… we need to locate them better, they either interfere with our rock guard or our hatch door… so we’re going to figure that out and a couple other little things need wrapped up.  Then we’re off!

What we did:

We worked hard to finish up much of our list, hung our solar (and tested it, it’s A-Maz-ing!), hung our rock guard.  We installed the plumbing fixtures, cut in the last of the storage. I finished the curtains, and made a medicine cabinet.  James fixed the hatch doors (I did a half-assed job 😉 ).  Finished the sticker.  Then, we took it on the road!!

We were super sensitive about everything.  I kept thinking it was crooked.  James thought it was maybe the other way.  We decided we were being sensitive.  We pulled it home with white knuckles!

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Road worthy

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It pulled like a dream!  I actually had a harder time remembering that it was there, that is going to be the trick in the beginning!

We also had our bon-voyage party Sunday which was great!  It was so cool to get to show our friends and family why we were neglecting them. 🙂  I was super happy to see every person who came out!  Thank you, thank you!

What we’re going to do:

We have a couple panels to put up still inside, we’re in the middle of moving over our stuff.  We’ve got to figure out a solution for the propane tanks that lets us use both the rock guard and the hatch on the back of our car…  We need to actually run some water through the plumbing and fire up all the gas appliances (they are just air tested).  I am having some hiccups with the potty, I need to get a couple things before we can call that ‘functional’.

Then, pack up our clothes and head south!

We have some cool before and after photos on our new Instagram account (or if you only use facebook they will be cross posted here).  And we’ll be posting some videos on our YouTube channel of the beautiful places we go (James is stoked to use his drone more)!

Some progress in photos:

And some family stuff:



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