Renovation Day 9

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We are sorta OFF schedule!  Not bad for week 9, I’m shocked it took this long to get behind.  It certainly wasn’t for a lack of trying though!  I have literally been working every moment I can on the renovation 7 days a week.  That limits me mostly to nap times and after bed…if I am quiet.  Our main push was to get the flooring done and all the pieces that go with that.

While we did get the flooring done we did not get all the pieces done… I have been prepping surfaces, cutting bamboo, baseboards and trim… but it’s not where I want it to be still.

We did take most of Sunday off for Fathers Day, which also happened to be our anniversary, the two year (end goal) mark of living tiny full time AND the anniversary of the day Denny came to live with us… it was a big day worth celebrating!  I seem to always forget those holidays but in the midst of projects it’s important to still take moments to appreciate life.  We went to breakfast with my dad, dinner with James’s and dinked around in between.  I also seemed to run into a lot of obstacles in the work department.  I borrowed my brothers compressor which seems to be having some issues and wouldn’t refill when needed, I was able to use mine (which we thought was actually broken, but it’s not!) but I needed to run to the store to fix it up first… that took a chunk of time.  I also ran out of flooring, I thought I had enough but alas, I didn’t… I was actually off by TWO boxes and have to make another trip to get more!  That along with the fact that I always underestimate how long finish work takes and we are a bit behind.

I am loving the new look though, I can’t wait for it to be done!  I have been busting my buns so hopefully we can still finish before our trip over the 4th,  this weekend we are still planning on building the bed unit for the kiddos.

kids bunks


This is about what it will look like, hopefully :).  We are doing double bunks, Hazel will most likely take the bottom bunk while Mr. T co-sleeps for a bit.  The idea is that Hazel will grow up enough to safely conquer the stairs and then she will move to the top bunk and Mr. T will take bottom.  When I was a kid I really wanted a little cubby that was just my own.  Even though this particular image looks plain I have some ideas on how to spruce it up and make it a really neat space for a kid to sleep.  There will be toy storage and a roll out bench below the beds so James and I can read goodnight stories and more storage up above for rotating toys and keeping things fun.  I was originally planning on having a dresser opposite the beds but I am thinking that Hazel really likes having the floor space, she is always back in her room, even now, so I designed in a stackable set of shelving that will fit those little storage baskets that you can find everywhere, I will be able to put their clothes in those and keep the floor space open.  Denver thinks its kind of nice to have a hidden corner too, he gets a little burnt out on having his eyes poked and has been known to put himself in the room away from Hazel :), in short, it’s a good flex space to keep open, so I am opting to keep it open… for now.  I WAS going to make custom mattresses but at the last minute (last night) we changed our mind and opted to go with standard sizes, that way in a pinch we can easily get new sheets and won’t be worried about any foam offgassing on our babies… otherwise I make all the sheets and would always wonder about the materials… it would have only saved us like 3 bucks too, this way we can get hypoallergenic bedding with no latex or hidden concerns.  I’m kinda glad this changed last minute, it also gives us back 3 inches of space, that I can use! 🙂

So this weekends goals are to build and paint the beds for the kiddos, finish the counter tops, make things pretty again, finish the last 20% of baseboard.  The last thing, which I have added since going down this wormhole of an addition turned renovation is to try to paint the shower… but that will be just before we leave for the 4th so there is time for it to set.  I have been toying with the idea of adding a bath tub, either an RV size or a full size (yes, I could do either, I have ideas! ;-)) BUT that is a big project for my 6.5 month pregnant self, taking out yet more tile and redoing the whole enclosure… I have decided instead to try to refinish the tile… if it doesn’t look good then I redo at a later date!  I saw this blog post which makes me think it is doable… and if I can make it look half that good I’d be happy, the black now just sticks out like a sore thumb with the new decor and it will drive me wild if it doesn’t get an update with the rest!  After that I will get some pretty new pictures and share the finished product with everyone, I can’t believe how different it looks in here!  I love it!

Finaally, here is a tiny little plug I will throw in at this point for some workshops I am putting together here locally.  They are free and open to anyone who RSVPs before the seats are filled!  for more information you can check out the details at PlanningTiny.   The goal is to help spread the fire and help to inspire/empower people to take this lifestyle on while also offering a way for me to completely ‘brain dump’ all that I have learned through the years all at once, hopefully getting people started on their way!




If it makes sense please feel free to share it with those you think would be interested!  With that, here are some pictures from the week.




  1. I think you’d regret painting the plumbing pipe white. The door moving back and forth will just end up scraping the paint off and it will look bad. I’m with James on this one. Otherwise, really looking good! I like the flooring you went with.

  2. And you can always consider painting it later when it bothers you. Accidently stumbled on your blog, enjoying it. Hope you don’t mind. *waves from Holland*

  3. I REALLY like this flooring compared to your old one. I want to transition into a tiny house with my seven year old, and your design inspires me! I can have a two bedroom tiny house with no loft!

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