I Turned 30 and I Have Worms!

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Got your attention!  Ha, the two things are not related other than karma conspired to make the worms come to town as a birthday gift!  I FINALLY got my worms!  It has been a struggle, I guess it is off season or something.  So here is my vermicomposting beginnings.

The backstory, I was contacted by Mollie, a gal with my favorite City’s Environmental Division about doing a little vermicomposting case study.  I jumped at the opportunity of course, it lines up very well with my interests and is one more thing to experiment with that will help my garden!   You can read a little bit more about it HERE if you wanted, basically the City of Meridian set me up with a worm bin and some coconut pith to get started.  I had to go order some worms from a local store and get some mulch to mix in.  I went straight away to order the worms, gave them my number and didn’t hear anything for a couple weeks so I called… they were trying to track some down.  Generally they get them fairly locally but I guess they were having a heck of a time finding some.  A few weeks later again they tracked some down but the shipping rates were as much as the worms so they banned together with a couple stores and finally ordered some.  They came from California and I guess the company lost their address so they were shipped and then returned… booo.  They called and had them re-shipped and I finally got them!  I was hoping to get some toward the end of July and mid September they showed up!   I am just hoping it’s not the same poor worms that had to make the trek back and forth!  I guess I will know if they all die unexpectedly, I think there were a few that arrived deceased but that may be normal, I’m not sure.   Anyway, they came and I got my composter going!  Here are some pictures of it getting set up:

Also real quick, I turned 30.  30 was the end of a lot of goals I set for myself.  There is one big one I did not achieve but I have tricked myself into thinking I just have to get that one done BEFORE I’m done being 30, so I have another year or so to get all my architectural exams done to be officially licensed (time got away from me with this house build).   There are quite a few bucket list items I have actually found I am ahead of schedule on though.  I certainly didn’t expect to have designed and built my own house by 30.   I’d say I am pretty happy with my place in life right now…  My birthday even marks the end of my first trimester and I think I am even starting to feel more human for moments at a time!  Happy to be able to say that!   I have a tiny house update coming soon, James and I got a few things done this weekend!  Until then, here is something! 🙂




  1. Worms! I love denny’s paw~
    When the compost thing has to come inside for the cold season, do you know where you will put it? Also, will it smell?
    It almost sounds like your tiny house needs a tiny shed. And then a tiny house neighbor – and then a little commune.

  2. Raspberry Pi! One of my friends has one of those set up with XBMC and an HDHomeRun – connected to some rabbit ears antennas – so he can stream / record hi-def live TV for free, and watch all of his networked movies / TV shows as well.

    I’m setting up a NAS for me and Jessica so that it will hold all of our movies / TV shows (and do backups), and it will have a powerful enough processor that it can transcode all that content and stream it to our iPad mini (or our laptops) for viewing at any time. TECH IS AWESOME!

  3. Worms, lazy little critters. I had them last the summer, while doing two gardening camps for kids, so had to do research. Mine was the super cheap variety of housing, one lonely little plastic tub. It worked great until I made the mistake of putting in the rind of about half a cantaloupe. A few days later I went into my basement to find myself surrounded by a black cloud of fruit flies! So, here’s what I’ve learned. They like temperatures between 60-80, it takes a lot of worms to do a little composting. It takes months for them to make a few inches of soil. And, they don’t respond well to too many kids holding them. The good news is that no matter what I did right or wrong, there was never any smell, even when I took off the lid. I used several inches of shredded used copy paper over the soil, and a layer of cardboard under.

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