Pendant Lights! The Making of…

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I have mentioned before that the pendant lights in my kitchen, which I used mason jars for are going to change.  The mason jars were just a temporary situation so the bulbs didn’t break in construction or anything.  Well, we did the major part of phase two of those lights this weekend.  A couple months ago I purchased a Groupon voucher for a glass blowing class for four at Zion Warne Studios, also on Facebook HERE.  It’s rather convenient that I have three brothers and four pendant lights. The deal is that we each get to take a piece (a vase or bowl) home.  So, I called to see if there was flexibility in that and if maybe we could each take a light sconce home, he saw no problem with that at all!  I also mentioned that I wanted to do some green tones, no problem he said.  Game on! Here are pictures from each of our adventures, each of us did a very different style of sconce and a different technique, I think I am going to love these SO much more than that mason jars, you might too!  I will show the finished product as soon as I get them back (at 2100 degrees they need to slowly cool to avoid shattering so they remain in his shop a bit longer).

(one last thing, for those of you in Boise, if you’ve ever wanted to dabble with glass blowing Zion was absolutely great, he is HIGHLY recommended by me, he really lets you do the work, not just doing it for you and he’s calm and patient to be around, he really made it an enjoyable experience, I liked his set up and personality so much better than the other shops I stopped by to talk to about doing this and he is very reasonable!  There is my plug, I promise, I make nothing off of that ;-))



  1. Gosh! I can’t believe most of you had open shoes and bare legs around molten glass! I bet they will turn out amazing!

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