Straw-Bale Building!

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There is a group of people here in town building the third [known] straw-bale house in the valley, that is something I have always been interested, seriously probably one of the reasons I looked further into architecture.  Last weekend they had a wall raising party so I joined in!  It was a great experience to get to learn first hand and to see just how fast 20 some people could raise some walls!  If you wanted to follow this project along you can see it progress HERE.  Here are some picture, with detail shots of that process (it makes me want to build a straw-bale house even more, talk about a healthy house)!



  1. This is fascinating – thank you for the detailed photos with explanations! Does anything get applied to the interior of the walls for a finished look, or does it remain hay? (I guess I could ask Google…) Have a great day!

    1. Yes! Good question, this was just one day in the process, on the inside and outside of the house there is a mud/lime mixture that gets applied. I am hoping to help with that as well and if I can I will certainly update about that. In the end most straw-bale buildings look very similar to a cob building but with a lot more insulation value and much thicker walls (straw-bales can be between R-30 to R-50ish)

  2. Brilliant!! And…soooo soooo GREEN minded! I absolutely LOVE straw bale houses particularly in the summer, as they’re so. very. coooool. MORE PLEASE …:)

  3. This is fab! I signed up for a 3 day workshop in ‘building with straw’ for september. Soooooo excited and even more after reading your post 🙂

  4. if you ever visit the UK please don’t forget North Wales. There are straw bale houses there that prove the sustainability of this type of construction.Properly done they are dry,warm and have a long life,,,,,,,,,,,,,more than 50 years in one of the wettest part of the UK

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