My Favorite Builds (2 of 3 or 4)

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exteriortiny-project.comAlek and Anjali have put together a very unique style and have documented it O-so-well!  They have a very professional looking site that is clean and easy to search through.  They are just wrapping up the electrical and moving on shortly to the roof and siding!  Theirs is one of the best detailed sites I have seen, they have pictures of nearly everything and high quality ones, that isn’t easy to maintain, I know this first hand!  THIS is one of my favorite images of how their build is coming together, they have very cool interlocking geometries that make for a pretty design in my opinion!   Check this out to see more about their design!

tinyhouse176tinyhouseonblocks.wordpress.comChris and Kristin’s site has been a refreshing one, it’s nice to see a guy place so much value on his relationship!  But that isn’t what it’s about, I just notice how much they are in love when I read their site :).  They have LOTS of tidbits that are of value, the most recent when talking about all there is to learn:

1) Make a schedule. Work for 5 hours a day minimum. That’s what I should be doing.

2) When in doubt, try it out. If you haven’t built a house before, it’s hard to know the “right” way to do everything. Sometimes it’s best to just use common sense and forge ahead. Try to avoid expensive mistakes, sure, but don’t let internet forums and other contentious distractions grind your brain to a pulp.

I could not agree more!  These two little tidbits are 100% absolutely correct!  My biggest flaw has been not dedicating big chunks of time, you can accomplish a lot in a few hours, you have to do it though!  The second is critical too, there are A LOT of people who with criticize you every step of they way but that will never actually pick up a hammer.  First, don’t be one of those people… questions are good but opinions and direction on something you haven’t done the research on is bad.  Tiny house people invest thousands of hard earned dollars, typically they do their research as best as possible and make educated decisions.  There have been some REALLY helpful comments too, don’t get me wrong.  What you need to know when building these though is to just do it, if you aren’t positive but are pretty sure, ask someone or just go forward!  You’ll either get it right or have learned something.

Chris has a great voice throughout all his writing, which makes me giggle and it sure makes it easy to read (I wish I had that skill).  If you’d like to see their house click HERE. and iamchesapeake.comCasey and Jessica Friday have been right along side me for almost our whole builds.  You can see their photo timeline HERE. They are extremely busy people but they have been chunking along on their house!  They have a lot of great insight from hiring someone to build their house who turned out to be a lemon ( I would be pissed!), to the electrical, insulation and every other aspect, lately they just wrote their own HONEST opinion about the process of building, read Jessica’s HERE and Casey’s HERE I have to agree, it gets rough in spots.  I feel like these two could use a round of encouragement on just what they have accomplished, even outside of the tiny house, seriously, these two make incredible stuff, I was bummed I didn’t have time to run and meet them when I was in Texas!

front-shot-tinywww.treadingtiny.comKacie (Another Kacie!  This one is a lady!) is one of my favorite people I’ve never met!  She’s hilarious and bubbly and very realistic!  She started her first build in Michigan (if that is wrong please correct me, I just remember it was a cold climate!) but has since moved to New Mexico to start again!   I was so happy to hear that she decided to keep the stuff she has been collecting for her build, they are figuring out how to ship it down now.  She did sell the trailer to a fellow tiny house person!   You can check out here layout HERE!   She is also starting up a website development gig that is ‘real’ and also pretty funny but extremely useful, check it out at  Can’t wait for more Kacie, I have no idea how you do it, and with a kiddo!

2aatinyhouse.wordpress.comApril finished her house a bit ago and has been living in it but I love the work she continues to do!   She is a huge advocate, and highly educated, it’s perhaps a little jaded but I have noticed people tend to take you more seriously when you have a high level of education (it chaps me because book smart and everyday life smart are two different and equally valid things! but I digress…).  She is always eager to post on the things she’s learned and even posted one of her presentations, you can find it HERE.   She is also one of the few houses who did a gambrel roof which is an extremely efficient use of space!



  1. Thanks, Macy! We’re honored to be included. I always tell people this website is one of the best resources as well. I guess we are just sticklers for lots of photo documentation!

  2. At the end of the blog it says, “She is also one of the few houses who did a gambrel roof which is an extremely efficient use of”. I was wondering an extremely efficient use of what??

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