Update 7.29.12

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Quick updated, not TONS of progress like I’d like to show but I did finish getting the roofing membrane up.  I got a new toy and I have a couple questions.  Here are some pictures:



    1. I have done it both ways and it seems like either way it does that. Because these were the deck boards I am thinking they are just stressed and of lower quality anyway… I tried a variety of different heights and thicknesses to plane off at a time and none of it seemed to work. I was wondering if the blades are not sharp but the guy told me they were brand new so I don’t think that’s it either… I’ll check out the link, thanks Jonathan!

  1. You are getting so close! You asked about drain holes for the gutter… yes! definitely drill a few small holes along the length for drainage. We drowned some of our strawberries in gutters by not drilling enough holes. Easy to add more if needed, and Ivy is pretty forgiving in dry climates. Good luck!

  2. I love planing. Oh yes I do. You may remember the pics I posted of our planing. There is NOTHING like breathing new life into something. As for the curling. Hmmmmm…..I have never had an experience like your picture shows. However, I am inclined to think it is the blade bevel angle, just after it severs the wood fiber. Is the wood bowed at all? Because if it is then the angle is changing as it goes through the planer…even at 1/32\”. That is all I can think of. If you can\’t find any answer let me know. I can contact Rockler Woodworking (one of our sponsors) and ask them.

    As for holes in the gutter? I would do some small holes, yes. But not large enough for roots to really grow out of and not enough for moist dirty to drip out of. You may even want to put a very fine layer of peet rock or gravel in the bottom to help with drainage.

    Anyway, you are doing great gal! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Drew! The wood isn’t warped. The more I think about it the more I think it has to do with the wood itself… it was used for years as decking for tractors and other heavy things, its coated in greasy grime… It doesn’t seem to be ‘quality’ wood anyway, it seems like that just has to be the contributing factor… I wold be really curious what Rockler Woodworking had to say though. Thanks for the encouragement as always! 🙂

  3. Hi Macy, love your design and kudos to you for following your dream despite the difficulties in the beginning 🙂
    Would you consider selling your design?

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