Travel Trailer Countdown – 6 Weeks To Go!

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We are, amazingly, still on schedule!  5 more weekends, six more weeks and we have a bunch to do!  We have been prepping for metal this weekend.

Getting the wardrobe ready:

We also received our luggage.  It fits fantastically in the 4 spaces we provided (yeah!, win!).  This is all the clothes we are able to take.  There is one case for each of us.  Alongside the actual build we re prepping to actually get on the road.

We are putting together capsule wardrobes (just an arrangement of clothes where every piece can be mixed and matched with every other piece, in theory, it shouldn’t matter what ones you grab, they all match).  I think I am going to go with more of a ‘uniform style’ capsule wardrobe where I have a basic tee and jeans every day.  I am ok with that. In addition to that I want some little inspiring words to remind us along our trip WHY we are doing this (multi-purpose).  Maybe they can help me be brave when I am not feeling very brave…

I was having a hard time finding some shirts that met this description… so, I am making my own.  I used to and started a shop.  It may become public at a point but I want to make sure they are quality first.  I should be getting the first order in soon and if they are good I will make the shop public… but only because I already set it up.  The end goal is to have 14 shirts so I have 9 more to make, I have some ideas BUT if you have any quotes you think would be good reminders to carry on please share them with me!


We also got our solar panel in!  It’s a bit bigger than I expected but I have been working up a plan on how to mount it.  It will mount over the back window and be tilt-able (that’s a word, right?).  We will also be able to take it off to re-position it if we need to too.

The door update:

I thought I was going to be fancy and cut a corner by buying a door to modify for our door.  A guy had a couple that I thought would work ok.  We went to pick one up and he had already sold the main one but this one was still there.  I like the inset modern panel look.  We asked if it was solid wood (so it could be cut).  He said yup… so I paid him $18 and tied it to the car.

When we got it to the shop I started sanding it and it was MDF!  I HATE MDF!  There is no way I was going to use that as an outside door… so I wasted $18 and the time it took to grab it… It doesn’t seem like much but I was bummed.  The low price and the heavy weight should have been an indicator… but it wasn’t.  In that time we could have built our own.  With a timeline as tight as ours I didn’t have time to stew.  I drew up a design and first thing on Sunday we picked up the materials and started building.

I like the panel look but five was a bit much so I went with three panels.  They will all be frosted glazing too.  We will stain it to match the counters and put some heavy layers of poly on it to seal it up!  It’s a bit more work and a bit more money but I think it will be a great look to accent the travel trailer.  It will be the first bit of info you see that says that this trailer isn’t run of the mill.

Next steps

We will be messing with metal next weekend (eeeek!).  If all goes well our trailer will be skinned in two weeks.  We are both very nervous since we haven’t done this before but hopefully we can tackle it!

The rest of the camper update images:

And some family photos:


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