Glitter Sparkle Glamour and a Potty!

Macy M2 comments5822 views

We got our new potty!

It’s amazing!  We ordered it from a company out of the UK.  Having had a compost toilet before I opted to skip the standard (and cheaper) white option and go with a darker color.  I chose a custom black base color with rainbow glitter (eeeeek! It’s still awesome that I have a rainbow glitter potty, why don’t more people include better options like this!?).  The sparkles mostly look silver from a distance but there is pink, gold, blue, and green in there too.  So it’s pretty universal… some might even call it ‘neutral’??  😉

I love it and I have never been this excited to pee somewhere! 😉   Can’t wait to build out the box!



  1. Love it. Does it fit on a regular five gallon bucket? I’ve seen this online but haven’t figured out which to order for my needs yet.

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