Family Update!

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I haven’t done a general family update in awhile.  Sometimes I like to do these, it’s in place of scrapbooking etc.  This is the random bits of my life over the last few months, if you skip this post I won’t be offended!  I hope you are all well!



  1. Heh… don’t worry too much about Hazel’s reaction to your cut face. One of my twins fell down and got a really bad cut on her forehead when she was three. Her sister looked at her and happily exclaimed, “Oh, you have jam coming out of your head!” To the three year old mind, what could have been more delightful?

  2. What a joy to see your happy family photos! You all look wonderful and having great times. BTW–that “shapes ball” is da bomb–we had one for 2 kids and it is a great learning toy for all ages. Thanks for posting these–I had so much fun just looking at them–seeing you all have fun!

    1. Awww, thanks Cinde! It is so much fun to watch her start to like things, AND not like things! I am so excited to see her little personality come out!

    1. Man, I tried to make the appointment with my hair lady and she hasn’t called me back, is it a sign I shouldn’t or just that I need to find a new hair person!? 🙂

  3. Macy,

    Thanks for sharing the family pictures, and being so inclusive with your loyal audience. As you requested input, the Statesman pictures is within the best pictures of you – in your natural element, and captures the essence of your work with the tiny house as well as raising Hazel. The proposed haircut looks great, give it a shot, and there’s nothing to lose as constantly growing hair can hide a bad hair cut. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks! I am not afraid of a short doo, I seem to get the itch to cut it all off eer 2-3 years, I am very fortunate that it grows back fast! Thank you for your kindness!

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