Tiny House Dating Part 2

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I am just super curious to do a follow up now that the only site for meeting other tiny house people with romance as the goal (Tiny House Dating) has been up and going for a while, I would love to hear some stories!

I have been asked something along the lines of ‘how can I get my spouse/significant other on board with tiny?’ so many times.  I’ve never have a good answer to that, I would just say something along the lines of  ‘you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole…’

There may not be a way to change a person’s mind but now there is a way to filter through people and find some with the same tiny house dream as you.  This may actually be the only dating site where women outnumber men too!  I was chatting with a friend yesterday and it got me wondering, so I asked the people behind the site what the ratio was… I am told there is about a 60/40 percent ration of women to men on Tiny House Dating… I’m actually surprised it was that close, I was expecting maybe only 25% men…

I want to know though, if you’ve been on there do you have an experience to share?  Is it a bunch of weirdos?  Did you meet someone awesome/creepy/crafty/spontaneous/weird/old/young/beautiful/far away/etc.?  What is the experience?  Are you happy or dissatisfied with the choices?  Are there are ton of people on there?  Please, fill me in in the comments! 

PS. If you wanna sign up do it here!



  1. I’ve written around a half dozen guys on the site. One responded but was too busy to continue correspondence. Another guy wrote me, he is even local to me! That was great until two messages in, he asked me for a date, and I politely explained that while I am flattered and not saying no, I’d prefer to get to know him a bit first and would he like to talk on the phone. I never heard from him again. That was around 3-4 weeks ago! Weird.

    In the “regular” dating world, it’s pretty common for married men to only write or meet in person in order to hide that they are married – they will often stay up late after their wives have gone to bed and then type pretending to be single, but refuse to talk on the phone because that is easier to be overheard.

    I am sure that it is very possible for someone interested in tiny houses to have the same behavior. If this guy was so interested in meeting me, I can’t imagine why a phone call or two prior to meeting would warrant disappearing!

    I also had a foreigner on the site solicit me for what I’m pretty sure is a phishing scam. I alerted the site owner and am pretty sure it’s been dealt with. Pretty interesting to have that on such a tiny site, though!

    Those are my experiences – don’t see anyone else forthcoming with any of their own!!

    On a similar note, though – met a guy on a “regular” dating site who is in the planning stages of developing an eco-village of container homes not far from me. He is trying to secure the land right now and has much of the planning done for an off grid and partly sustainable community. We are planning to talk on the phone tomorrow night and if all goes well, meet soon!

      1. It’s pretty typical of online dating in general. I guess I just expected that a niche one like this would be different 🙂

  2. I have nothing important to add. Just wanted to say that I would never EVER have imagined that there would be a website specifically for finding other tiny living people. It actually makes a lot of sense once you start to think about it but, thinking about it, lead me to wondering what other niche dating sites there are out there. I’m curious but a little afraid to look.

  3. I’ve never heard of the site but may try it out for a month, just to see what happens. 😉

  4. There are very few men in my age range currently on the site…received an email saying I had a message from someone, but once on the site, it said I had no messages. I am hoping more men join!

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