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Congratulations Christopher and Merete on your huge accomplishment!  You made a movie!  The movie was premiered at SXSW! (which I went to! and it had a great turnout!), it has been shown at small showings all over the country, it was picked up on a national TV network and now it is available to everyone!  The long awaited film, TINY is released!  You can order it if you didn’t support their kickstarter campaign way back when (if you did I hear your copy will be in your mailbox any day now!)

The movie follows Christophers journey to his tiny house in Colorado and also interviews MANY key players in the tiny house movement and some non-key players too, like yours truly! 🙂  It was an absolute pleasure meeting Christopher and Merete who I have actually got to meet several times now!  They are wonderful and inspiring people with so many passions besides tiny houses but they have been very active in the tiny house realm!

*IMPORTANT* I have actually been waiting on this post so that I can post their iTunes link a the same time, we want to get as many people as possible to click THIS link so that TINY goes up the rankings in iTunes documentary category and becomes accessible to as many people as possible.  Even if you don’t buy the film/already have bought the film/any other thing, please click THIS LINK, it will help the overall tiny house movement!  Also, you can rent TINY there (I didn’t know you could rent things on iTunes…I’m so behind the times!)

Again HERE is the link to buy TINY and support Christopher and Merete, you can also see a great interview with the film makers on Youtube below, it’s long but you get an idea of the people behind the film and what the film is about and how passionate they have been about their film-making experience.  MANY big congratulations and thank you so much for putting this great film together Christopher and Merete!



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