We built a bridge!

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James gets access to irrigation on his property, this is awesome especially for being right downtown.  It’s also awesome that he is at the end of the line because he gets everyones run off water which makes for a very possibly great garden (I got my plants this weekend!).  What that does mean though an awful lot is that the yard is flooded!  I bit earlier this spring James rented a backhoe and dug a irrigation canal, this was fairly easy for me to hop over it was a bit of a hazard.  We decided that it was time to make a path.  The original plan was for concrete but then we saw a picture of a great wood path.  We copied it and made an elevated path that the irrigation water can flow under.  I like it!

Last thing, Andrew over at TinyRevolutions.us is having his final small home big life online course, if you’re interested in that it is a very reasonably priced course to walk you through all the steps to get to a tinny house, you can find more information HERE.



  1. That James is a handy guy to have around. You better hang on to that one. 🙂 Great job both of you. Your MiniM is beautiful. Denver is a great guard dog.

  2. I have the dumbest song in my head as I read this: “We Built This City.” I have no idea, but something about building a bridge and a house…

    Anyway, it’s lovely!

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