First Work Day: Clean-Up

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My new outfit 🙂 pretty cute… ok, so not really, it was really warm though!  I bought some insulated work clothes since I will be working on this through winter and it’s going to get cold [coat sponsored by Johnson Architects ;-)]

So, the plan was to jerry-rig this hitch to fit on this truck… this would not work for any distance hauling but we thought we would try it for moving the trailer around on site.

This is the gap.  It actually worked out really well because whoever originally made this trailer made this hitch portion adjustable. 

We were able to adjust the piece down far enough to reach the hitch but we had to drill a hole through the steel so we could get the pin in.

Grandpa even came out to see how we were doing.  My grandparents are in town for Thanksgiving and they are really excited about my new project!  It gets me pretty jazzed up to see how excited others are, especially my family! 🙂

It worked and it JUST fit.  this trailer is approximately 37 feet long in total, that’s HUGE but almost half is the hitch portion and the dovetail.  The shop is 40’ wide.  we squished it in there a little cockeyed so we had room to work on both sides and there is barely a foot on either end.  But it fit!

The other thing we realized is that these shop doors are only 12’ high.  While the DMV limits the height of this trailer to 13’-6” the facility limits the height to 12’-0”.  This shouldn’t be too much of an issue because I don’t plan on having a loft space.  The trailer sits right about 2’-6” of the ground, if I were to build up to 11’6” I could still have 8’ ceilings pretty easily.  OR, depending on how my design goes I may be moving it outside here in a little while to work.  We shall see.


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