These are a list of other people who have built/are building Tiny House’s that I know of and that have been very helpful to me.  If you’d like to be included in this list and aren’t let me know, I LOVE finding new projects!  Also, if you want to, fill out a ‘FAQs’ document on your house and email it back to me at mizacy@gmail.com I would love to post it next to your site for all to learn from! Tiny Houses:

  1. Macy Miller minimotives.com (here)                                         FAQs
  2. Candace motivatedmontanan.weebly.com
  3. Amy tinyhouseofthesouth.com                                             FAQs
  4. Sean unboxedhouse.com                                                        FAQs
  5. tinysiphouse.blogspot.com
  6. Travis & Dannilee www.littlehousefamily.ca                            FAQs
  7. Natalie tinyrefuge.wordpress.com                                         FAQs
  8. Gabriella and Andrew tinyhousebuild.com                              FAQs
  9. Mitchell and Nicholette www.ourtinyhome.us
  10. Mike Troy skrewconventional.blogspot.com                          FAQs
  11. Lacy and Patrick foundhouse.cc                                               FAQs
  12. tinyhouseonblocks.wordpress.com
  13. Andrew and Crystal www.tinyrevolution.us                              FAQs
  14. Laura www.120squarefeet.com                                             FAQs
  15. Jonathan gungy.livejournal.com                                             FAQs
  16. Dave sonomashanty.blogspot.com                                        FAQs
  17. Sarah smallhousebigadventure.com                                      FAQs
  18. Anonymous                                                                               FAQs
  19. Casey caseyfriday.com and Jessica iamchesapeake.com       FAQs
  20. Ben smallhomebiglife.blogspot.com                                      FAQs
  21. Paul Grimard                                                                             FAQS
  22. Jamison and Jennifer tinymidwest.com                                     FAQS
  23. Peter and Abby fatandcrunchy.com                                         FAQS
  24. Zach charlestontinyhouse.com                                               FAQs
  25. Christopher Booker HabitatHole.com                                       FAQs
  26. Laura tinyhouseontario.wordpress.com                                FAQs
  27. Esther and Kenny kennyandestherstinyhouse.blogspot.com  FAQs
  28. Sicily Kolbeck tinymaison.blogspot.ca                                     FAQs
  29. Bob Henry tnttt.com                                                                 FAQs
  30. B.A. Norrgard abedovermyhead.com                                      FAQs
  31. Mary Spires smallhouselifestyle.wordpress.com                   FAQs
  32. Jess and Dan Livinginatinyhouse.blogspot.com                     FAQs
  33. Michael and Theresa Facebook                                                FAQs
  34. Vina solhausdesign.com                                                         FAQs
  35. Kristie tinyhouseontheprairie.net                                          FAQs
  36. Ryan ryanstinyhouse.com                                                      FAQs
  37. Stacy and Don homazooma.com                                              FAQs
  38. Moose moosevilla.blogspot.com                                            FAQs
  39. Jon livingtiny-thepod.blogspot.com                                 FAQs
  40. Joe longstoryshorthouse.com
  41. laurenjadelately.com
  42. Ariel fynyth.blogspot.com                                                     FAQs
  43. Jay dreamsbytheacre.blogspot.com
  44. hermithaunt.com
  45. Michael 3angelhaza.com
  46. Shirley coppertinwoodandwill.wordpress.com
  47. Jenny tinypro.wordpress.com
  48. Kathleen minimindfulness.com
  49. Jay Shafer www.fourlightshouses.com
  50. Dee Williams padtinyhouses.com
  51. Les Walker walkerarchitecture.com
  52. Greg Johnson smallhousesociety.net
  53. Steven Marshall littlehouseonthetrailer.com
  54. Anthony Moscar www.ecotinyhouse.com
  55. Victoria tinyhomesteadfreedom.blogspot.com
  56. Jenna tinyhousegiantjourney.com
  57. Kat hobohemians2013.wordpress.com
  58. Alejandro (Alex) shoeboxhaus.wordpress.com
  59. Jonathon ourtinycabinproject.com
  60. trainertinyhouse.com
  61. shedmom.com
  62. Meghan Wolfgram www.adventurewolf.com
  63. Carrie and Shane clotheslinetinyhomes.com
  64. Ethan thetinyhouse.net
  65. Bob prittsbob.tumblr.com
  66. Ella littleyellowdoor.wordpress.com
  67. Margo ourlife2thefullest.blogspot.com
  68. Cheri Dyer dassschuppen.wordpress.com
  69. Kacie treadingtiny.com
  70. Chris and Malissa chrisandmalissa.com
  71. Laura tinyhouseontario.wordpress.com
  72. Tammy and Logan rowdykittens.com and loganblairsmith.com
  73. Deek relaxshacks.com
  74. Christina reclaimedroost.wordpress.com
  75. Peter peterandthetinyhouse.blogspot.com
  76. Amy littleredridingheart.com
  77. Mollie teenytinyhomes.blogspot.com
  78. Elissha hitchhome.blogspot.com
  79. Lina nichedesignbuild.com
  80. Parker coffeewitholiver.wordpress.com
  81. Tia childrenofthewillowtree.blogspot.com
  82. Alan soul-arpancaketinyhouse.blogspot.com
  83. Tyler tynyhouseproject.wordpress.com
  84. Cimony utahpiavillage.wordpress.com
  85. Mike weemakechange.co.nz
  86. Anita onceuponalilypad.com
  87. Cory simplebabe.com
  88. Sara and Holli twoyearstotiny.wordpress.com
  89. Heather teenytinyadventure.blogspot.com
  90. Barb In-The-Clouds.net youtube here
  91. Robin build-tiny.com
  92. Sydney bigskytinyhouse.com
  93. Jana craftyandcurious.blogspot.com
  94. Leanne leannecampbell.ca
  95. Lisa fiveinatiny.com
  96. Jerome tinyhouseintexas.weebly.com
  97. Scott onwardtinyhouse.com
  98. Drew and Keltie ourtiny.house
  99. Mikayla WildwoodTinyHouse.weebly.com
  100. tinyvilla.com
  101. purelivingforlife.com
  102. jennbaxter.com
  103. tinyglamhouse.com
  104. advenshore.blogspot.com
  105. matthew1525.blogspot.com
  106. thousandcrow.postagon.com
  107. spacecoasttinyhouse.wordpress.com
  108. weemakechange.co.nz
  109. mhtinyhouse.com
  110. microfamilylife.blogspot.com and tinysalutations.blogspot.com
  111. peacelovetiny.com
  112. buildittiny.com
  113. Tinymountainhome.org
  114. scratchpadtinyhouse.com
  115. citylabpgh.org/experiments/tiny-houses
  116. tinyhousevancouver.com
  117. bababuilders.wix.com
  118. edystinyhouse.com
  119. wetcoasttinyhome.wordpress.com
  120. oaklandtinyhouse.blogspot.com
  121. slightlysnug.wordpress.com
  122. seedswithwings.com
  123. wayzalot.com
  124. erikeverywhere.com
  125. tinyhousedream2reality.blogspot.com
  126. aluminumtinyhouse.wordpress.com
  127. whareinthebush.tumblr.com
  128. kirstentinyhouse.wordpress.com
  129. mychemicalfreehouse.blogspot.ca
  130. thebumbleshack.com
  131. buildingahomeonwheels.wordpress.com
  132. jayaustin.info
  133. www.sustainablebabysteps.com
  134. thcanander.wordpress.com
  135. gypsyturtlejournal.com
  136. mightymicrobuilt.com
  137. atlargeinatinyhouse.com
  138. tinyhousesmallspace.tumblr.com
  139. tinycasita.blogspot.com
  140. tinyhousetravelers.com
  141. evanandgabbystinyhouse.wordpress.com
  142. travelfortextiles.wordpress.com
  143. houseforahobo.blogspot.com
  144. gridrid.com
  145. minihousebuilder.com
  146. readysetruzicka.com
  147. aatinyhouse.wordpress.com
  148. moleculetinyhomes.blogspot.ca
  149. paleotool.com
  150. beaverbrook.com
  151. gypsyliving.org
  152. agreatleapinthedark.blogspot.com
  153. my5acredream.com
  154. kiestinyhouse.wordpress.com
  155. cometcamper.com
  156. biglaketinyhouse.wordpress.com
  157. newbrunswickbound.wordpress.com
  158. kevinsmicrohomestead.wordpress.com
  159. mytinyabode.blogspot.com
  160. birchandbird.com
  161. goldthreadtinyhouse.blogspot.com
  162. myminimobilecottagebuildingjourney.blogspot.com
  163. innermosthouse.com
  164. blakestinyhouse.com
  165. casitabella.wordpress.com
  166. Flickr #1
  167. gonewiththewynns.com
  168. saranapark.com
  169. forgeahead.org
  170. baresimplicity.blogspot.com
  171. underbigskies.blogspot.com
  172. canander.com
  173. tinyhouseoverthehill.blogspot.com
  174. steves124squarefeet.blogspot.com
  175. simplystephen.ca
  176. natejentinyhouse.blogspot.com
  177. skibumbw.tumblr.com
  178. forgeaheadpuppetproductions.blogspot.com
  179. tallmanstinyhouse.com
  180. tinyhouseproject.weebly.com
  181. tinyhouseintexas.weebly.com
  182. tinyhousefamily.com
  183. thetinylife.com
  184. ideabox.us
  185. laptopandarifle.wordpress.com
  186. togethersimply.blogspot.com
  187. ana-white.com
  188. tinyhoustonhouses.blogspot.com
  189. tinyhouseoz.wordpress.com
  190. ourtinyweekender.blogspot.com
  191. protohaus.moonfruit.com
  192. tryingontiny.com
  193. boneyardstudios.org
  194. rocknrollproblems.wordpress.com
  195. urbanestnw.com
  196. havefoodwillfeast.wordpress.com
  197. jyarf.com
  198. tinyhomemaker.tumblr.com
  199. tallmantinymansion.blogspot.com
  200. tinyhousegear.com
  201. tallmantinymansion.blogspot.com
  202. 320squarefoothome.com
  203. threebearstinycabin.blogspot.com
  204. Megathome’s Youtube Channel
  205. tinyhouseuk.co.uk
  206. littlehouselr.blogspot.com
  207. turnbulltinyhouse.blogspot.com
  208. pavandkate.blogspot.com
  209. oldworldgrange.tumblr.com
  210. drunkenpixie.wordpress.com
  211. thisisthelittlelife.com
  212. tinyhouselivingorg.blogspot.com
  213. tinyfamilylife.wordpress.com
  214. joystinyhouse.wordpress.com
  215. tinyhousejoy.com
  216. goodolddaysfarm.com
  217. tiny-project.com
  218. buildsmall.blogspot.com
  219. urbanrancher.wordpress.com
  220. shabbychictinyretreat.blogspot.com
  221. smallhousebliss.com
  222. shackvalley.com/blog
  223. najhaus.com
  224. halleyrevans.blogspot.com
  225. ashleysaturdays.tumblr.com
  226. yetanothertinyhouse.wordpress.com
  227. stephenscabinonwheels.wordpress.com
  228. aaronmaret.com
  229. tinywolverine.blogspot.com
  230. thisisthelittlelife.com
  231. rangerfan213.wordpress.com
  232. tinyhouseofstyle.com
  233. thedaedalusproject.wordpress.com
  234. hummingbirdtinyspaces.com
  235. catstinyhouse.com
  236. clickclackgorilla.com
  237. vagabode.blogspot.com
  238. erfurthphotographic.com
  239. tuhlattu.wordpress.com
  240. twakeling.wordpress.com
  241. smallandtinyhomeideas.com and smallandtinyhomeideas.wordpress.com
  242. micro-palace.com
  243. transitiontotiny.wordpress.com
  244. greenmoxie.com
  245. happysimply.wordpress.com
  246. intentionallysmall.com
  247. bethturningaround.wordpress.com
  248. desirableworld.wordpress.com
  249. mayapoint.wordpress.com
  250. ShinyTinyMansion.com

Straw Bale Houses:

  1. strawbale.com
  2. winkos.wordpress.com
  3. dev.thelaststraw.org
  4. buildnaturally.com

Here are other sites that have a lot of great info on them too that I am watching relating to the tiny house lifestyle!

  1. Rent a tiny house!  baysidebungalow.com
  2. bluemoonrising.org
  3. tinyhousepins.com
  4. tinyhousemap.com Possibly the coolest link of all!
  5. tinyhousewisdom.com
  6. littlediggs.com
  7. coolestcabins.com
  8. godownsize.com
  9. habitatshawaii.com
  10. livetiny365.com
  11. seattletinyhomes.com
  12. tinysmarthouse.com
  13. frontierfortress.com
  14. socialtiny.com
  15. tinyhouseco.com
  16. tinyhouseswoon.com
  17. thistinyhouse.com
  18. tinyhouseblog.com
  19. minimalistlifestyle.wordpress.com
  20. Shelterpub.com
  21. tinyhousedrawing.wordpress.com
  22. tinyhousetalk.com
  23. tinyhousedesign.com
  24. texascozycabins.com
  25. thetinylife.com
  26. Lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com
  27. tinyhouseswoon.com
  28. cozyhomeplans.com
  29. tiny-themovie.com
  30. resourcesforlife.com/small-house-society
  31. smallhousestyle.com
  32. thistinyhouse.com
  33. thefieldlab.blogspot.com
  34. tinyhousemeetup.com/Site/Home.html
  35. littletimberhouse.blogspot.com
  36. tinytimberhouse.wordpress.com
  37. zylvardos.com
  38. tribe.ly
  39. tinyhousecommunity.com
  40. boneyardstudios.com
  41. tinyhomebuilders.com
  42. indulgentrestraint.com
  43. designboom.com/contemporary/tiny_houses.html
  44. almostglamping.com
  45. tinyhousebuzz.com
  46. jetsongreen.com
  47. maximusextreme.com
  48. aselfreliantlife.com
  49. villagehabitat.com
  50. rosschapin.com
  51. freegreen.com
  52. simpletexasliving.com
  53. shedworking.co.uk
  54. tinyhouselover.com
  55. tinyhousecommunity.com
  56. offgridshelters.com
  57. faircompanies.com
  58. tinyhomes.com
  59. asustainablemind.com
  60. Tiny Aussie Homes
  61. nerdgirlhomes.wordpress.com
  62. www.thesmallhousecatalog.com
  63. tinyhomebuilding.com
  64. opensourcetinyhouse.com
  65. dawcontracting.wordpress.com
  66. tinyhouselove.wordpress.com
  67. projectwosho.tumblr.com
  68. pinuphouses.com


  1. Macy,

    It was just pointed out to me “you linked to me as a tiny houser”….thank you so much!

    I’m now following you and I must say your resource list is very helpful along with bountiful blog posts.

    Thanks so much and please get in touch should you need anything.

    1. Absolutely Stephen! I started that list to keep track of the blogs I enjoy keeping tabs on but am very happy that it’s become useful for others as well! Thanks for the comment and best wishes!

  2. And you think you are going to take some time getting through my Resource list! You are like the yellow book of tiny-ness..meant in the b-e-s-t possible way 🙂

  3. Hi Macy, if it isn’t too much hassle, could you change number 94 – tinyhousetrio to http://www.tinyhousetrio.com – thanks!
    I have recently realised that I am actually sticking with this blog so I switched it over to my own domain and flashed up my website a bit.
    I really love this list, it’ll take me a while to get through it!

  4. We’re heading into winter here now,at least there will be one part of my life that feels summery even when the weather is freezing me 🙂

  5. Hey, Macy… curious if you got my FAQ I sent to your gmail. I didn’t see me added yet. Thanks. let me know if you didn’t get it. I’ll resend it to you. If it didn’t open, since I typed it directly in the email message I’ll copy-paste it onto a word doc format. Thanks

      1. I appreciate it… looks great! Thanks for doing this list of Tiny Housers. There’s many on here I’ve not heard of; and, probably the Tiny House Community hasn’t heard of some of these. Now I know where to go to “feature” some of these on my page to get them known to the community. Thanks again. 🙂

  6. Shucks. Thanks for including me in the list. I am not a tiny houser yet but I will be one, in the next year or two.

    That said, the purpose of my blog is to share my journey from bored, unfulfilled public servant / wage slave; living a pretty average middle-class existence in a large city. Through the purchase of land, downsizing process, big move into temporary accommodation. To… whatever it is I may become. A tiny houser to be sure.

    1. I found your site and read through quite a few posts, I think it is definitely a valuable resource to revisit every now and again, you definitely sound like a ‘tiny houser’ :). Thanks for keeping a history of your thoughts, I think they are valuable!

  7. Thank you for the listing:) I know it’s not such a tiny house, but I do hope to build something smaller in the future, somewhere to live when we rent out the straw bale house 🙂

  8. Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with
    hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended
    up losing many months of hard work due to no data backup.
    Do you have any methods to protect against hackers?

    1. Hi Heidi, I’ve actually had a couple comments on this, right now, best I can tell is that because I have the free version of WordPress I can’t download the plug-ins. I have had plans to upgrade this for a bit but I should probably move it up the priority list a bit. As of now I download back-ups but I believe that is just the content, I would still lose my images which would really suck. I will update you when I update though about how exactly I am doing that! Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Hi Macy. I’ve been meaning to make a list like this one for years, but, alas, now I won’t have to. Thank you so much for taking it on for all of us.

    I suppose it speaks to the fragility of my own unfettered ego that the first thing I did here was look to see if my closest friends and I are included.

    It’s cause for celebration when old-timer-tiny-housers like Les Walker of “Tiny Houses”, Dee Williams of PAD, Greg Johnson of The Small House Society, Steven Marshall of Little House on a Trailer and me can now google “tiny house” and find so much great stuff like your list. In our day, there was barely anything; and what there was wasn’t always so top-notch; and we had to walk 8 miles thru snowdrifts to to find it; and it was uphill… BOTH WAYS!

    We couda’ been contenders, Macy! But whadda’ we get, a one-way ticket to Paluka-ville.

    But seriously, Macy. It would be such an honor to be on your list and such a thrill to see my friends there. Is it still possible to add us?

    Jay Shafer

    1. WOW! I feel like a star just commented on MY blog :). Why the heck wouldn’t I have YOU and all of those you listed on here!? I probably just figured you’re common knowledge at this point for anyone who finds little ‘ole me :). Absolutely though! I will be certain to get you on here! It’s high time I update this list all the way around, there are a lot more of us that I know of now. I’ll put you guys up there now and doing some major updates will be my goal for tomorrow evening! Thanks for letting me know, and of course for leading the way! 🙂

  10. Hi Macy,

    Beautiful work you have developed here. Really I am delighted to see such interesting statements in your actions. Congratulations and best luck with all. So pleased to see good and happy work achieved.

    I live in Canary Islands and have been a “Tinyhouser” for some time, but I had not heard that word since today. I developed my personal building starting from an old shipping container that came in my hands and offered a strong start. Since then -about 8 years ago- I have not been able to stop my fascination about an alternative to conventional habitation.

    Story sure sounds familiar. Rented some land and started working. My tiny house has grown into a small house -I needed more space for my wife and my three kids-. Imagine that.

    As time goes by the place -that was ecologically rehabilitated as had been somehow harmed- is now starting to green. Our “BlackBox” (that is how we call to our WaterCloset Managing Facility) has red, pink and yellow roses, and a wine plant too. Tomatoes manage to grow “by themselves” and get even bigger that the ones I grow elsewhere. And trees I planted are getting bigger every year.

    Best luck,


  11. Oh my! I could have lived semi-happily in my ignorance forever… I did not need to see this list!! I am so glad I found it…. but I must resist… I must resist the list! I love your house, but now I am REALLY impressed that you had comments from Jay!!! I mean, c’mon! It is 1 am. Should be lights out. But it won’t take too long… to visit a few more sites. (OK 5 more.)

    1. I know, right! That made my day :). I still need to run back through that list and updates it,, I am sure there are some of those that need taken off and I definitely have a fe more to add 🙂 Let me know if you see one that should be pulled off!

  12. Hey Macy!
    Would it be possible for you to add us? It would be really helpful since we’re going on tour with our tiny this summer, and we also have a new ebook coming out on Amazon about how to get your tiny house build paid for by sponsors – blog.homazooma.com. Thanks a million. This is a fabulous resource – you’re awesome!
    Happy “birthing” with mini M “) BTW you look great!
    Thanks Again!
    Tracy Thomas – homazooma.com
    PS Thanks for the lesson on folding ‘real’ diapers! LOL Amazing how much we take for granted with all the convenience of “instant”.

  13. Whoa. I’m new to the Tiny House world and I feel like I just hit the jackpot on this page. Thanks so much for posting all these great sites! In fact, it’s a little overwhelming…

    1. Don’t let it be overwhelming! 🙂 It’s so awesome that so many people are taking part! When I started this I had like 6 favorites, the thing has just been exploding, its all really great information! Welcome to the club 😉

  14. Macy, you’re like the Tiny House resource queen! It’s great to check out other people’s blogs and progress. Thanks for all the great info and links 🙂
    Jerome, from tinyhouseintexas.weebly.com

  15. Macy,
    My wife and I are a huge fans of your podcast! I found your most recent podcat about blogging helpful because we are in the begining stages of our tiny house process and I am having trouble staying motivated. I keep asking myself who is going to want to read this but if I view it on just documenting our story it makes total sense! Thanks and keep up the good work!!!
    Drew & Keltie

    1. Thank you so much for saying so, I know blogging is HARD while building, totally worth it at the end! Post what you want to come back to figure out, while I was blogging I added so many pictures I bored myself, ESPECIALLY the framing, I have referenced them SO many times! I hope you don’t mind I’ve added you here too, best wishes!

  16. Just wanted to say have been listening to your podcast and reading this blog since getting the Tiny House bug. I am looking at this seriously for my next home and have learnt so much from you guys. Cheers from the UK

  17. Hi Macy. Nice website. See you on facebook. I just created my own blog. I don’t know what I’m doing, but am learning. Still in the building phase of my blog and savings phase for my house. So, stay posted. I’m going to use it hopefully to get some more people free!! Keep up your great work. I plan to move to Seattle in the fall and reunite with my darling daughter who is getting out of the Navy in Bremerton and starting college. I have her turned onto a tiny house now. Success! So, hopefully I make the conference next year. 🙂

    Oh yeah, keep chatting–you guys have helped me much!! I have a mile of notes and links from your show.

    Heidi from Columbus, Ohio

  18. One more thing…I forgot. You can find me at: tinyhouseandme.com (wordpress). Only one blog so far, my story. Must get to work….coming blogs will be much shorter. Thanks again!! Heidi

  19. Thanks for all those links, it is great to see the stories and adventures that each owner goes through to built their cute tiny home.

    1. It’s my favorite part! I really need to update this, i think there are three times the amount now! It’s so cool to see so many people take this aspect of their lives into their own hands! 🙂

  20. Thanks for asking 🙂 Yes, I am documenting the new build, and I have actually modified my blog’s name to reflect the change as well. The name of my TH remains Oliver’s Nest though, in honor of my little furry buddy (He got me through some hard times, and deserves the recognition).
    Keep on keeping on! 🙂

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