The Waiting Game

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We’ve run into our first hiccup, the A/C… it’s got us a little delayed on take off…

Unfortunately it’s also the last thing we were doing.  We couldn’t get it to work but we think we have it figured out and a new part on the way!  In the mean time we just get to hang out and relax a little in our home town, right!? ha!

No… Now the planning begins!

I have been compiling a list of people and places to see, I think I may add a column for best (dog friendly) places to eat out!  We like the more ‘off the beaten path’ places but are grateful for all suggestions!

If you have a moment I would love if you could comment below with:

  • Your favorite site/place in the US that you have visited.  Preferably kid and dog friendly but we will be able to work it if it’s not totally dog friendly too!
  • Where you live, if you’d like a visit.
  • Not to miss places to eat along the way!!

If you want to see the list as it builds you can look HERE.  It will fill out more as we go, we just started this for now 😉

In the mean time, I hope you (and your mother) have a blessed weekend!



  1. I actually liked Vegas very much. Not the city it self, but the desert. I didn’t expect it when I was visiting. I considered the city itself Disney land for adults. But outside the city it is stunning.

  2. If you are in Alabama, off I-20 about halfway between Birmingham and Atlanta is Cheaha State Park. Highest point in the state with an observation tower built from rock by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Several other buildings date from that time. Handicapped-accessable boardwalk to Bald Rock lookout to the valley below. Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest. Beautiful sunsets.

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