Travel Trailer Update – Things

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We got some odds and ends done this weekend, James and dad started in on the gas plumbing.  We have four things that will use propane in this little camper, that’s more than the tiny house!  The water heater, the heater, the stovetop and the fridge.  While they worked on that I refinished the fridge, started sewing the couch/bed cushions, installed the hardware and worked on Denvers bed.

Our metal should be in any day now though it will be a couple weeks before we install it.  We are at our 9 week count down until we take off, I think we are still on schedule?? 🙂

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  1. Something you might appreciate, is a recipe called RetroBright that can remove some of the yellow discoloration on the inside of that fridge. It’s mostly beautician grade hydrogen peroxide, and some thickeners. The classic gaming community uses it a lot to restore yellowed old computers and games.

    1. comments like this are exactly why I keep blogging! I would have never known that! Thank you! The fridge is actually supposed to be a mustard yellow inside but there are parts that could probably use a good cleaning! I will check it out, thanks for the info!

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