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I have been working through some options for our tiny house sofa/sleeper (and other furnishings…).  We ordered our mattress already and I am sort of regretting it.  Our couch area is 82″ wide, I ordered a full sized mattress (75″ long)  I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Full XL size which is 80″ long!  That would have been perfect!  Instead the couch will have 3.5″ on either side of blank space for an arm rest or a pillow.  Not a huge deal but it’s the only time I have regretted 2 day shipping!

This is what I have in my mind functionally.  I am not much about ‘ornament’ so the final product will probably be something plain like this.  The mattress will be cut into two different pieces, one will be stored behind the base and make up the back rest, the other will be the butt cushion.  The front face will slide out (similar to the video linked below and the entire area will make the base for the bed.

There is storage under the couch, those cubbies may have a cupboard or drawer face on them or they may just be open cubbies with baskets or something.  he four smaller openings are the legal size for a planes carry on luggage requirements.  The idea being that we will each be allowed one suitcase worth of clothes to live out of for the duration of the trip.  Also in the case of some emergency or a holiday we can find a parking situation for the car and camper and hope on a plane to head home.  Since we might need luggage anyway we need to find a way to incorporate it… so why not for clothes.

The bigger opening is not fully worked out, it may be divided as it gets worked out but it would be where our dirty laundry is kept until it gets washed.  We will also have a separate set of linens and towels to alternate that need a home (though they will probably have a different home under the bunk beds.  I also am thinking through a way to have a dining table for us that may use a portion of that cubby… we will see… So, that’s the plan.


Shown in both couch and bed position.


With dimensions, that back can be raised up to 6 inches before it starts to interrupt the front window, we will have a better idea of where that needs to sit after the main structure is built.


A different angle.


I got approval from James so I think it’s a go :).

Up next, the kitchen, we need storage for a family of 4 (plus a Great Dane), it will house our main electrical switches and outlets, it will have a charging station for all of our devices, a cooktop, a sink, store dishes, and have functional counter space… oh, and it will fit into a 60″x22″ footprint… wish me luck!


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