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We committed today on a color scheme! Blue and yellow, modern, sustainable, low VOC.  Our first step was getting the function figured out, we feel like we nailed that.  Next we get to ‘style’ things. I have to say, our Travel Trailer is going to be great! Here is a general idea material board I put together after today’s purchases.

TT Material Board

(More on each item below)

I also started our budget sheet for our trailer, which I will update through the build.  At this point we are at $760.31 which includes the cost of the trailer, fabric and such up to this point.  Our goal is under $3,000 but I will be aiming for and thrilled to be under $2,000.  (Just a heads up there will be a website redesign soon that will make it easier to follow along with this rebuild)

James and I both agreed that we can’t move onto this trailer project fully until we finish our latest project, the deck.  We have been working our tail off trying to get that done so we can stop feeling guilty about working on the trailer anyway :).  My mom just happened to invite me shopping with her to pick up some fabric to make some blankets for her soon to be grand-kid (not mine! :)). It was too much to resist, we saved more than we spend and got pretty much all we need to finish out the camper, cloth wise.  There were too many choices for me to choose alone so I had to bring James down to be decisive, I like what he picked!  These were the possibles.

I think ultimately the trailer will have the feel of being light and airy, it will be great to see it unfold!

And this is what’s been going on in our life outside of this little project:

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  1. Brings back memories of my deck project…

    Wait – theres a living room in the storage shed?? Have you been cheating on Tiny? (laughs)

  2. I love, love, love your color choices. It’s my favorite color combo…so bright and happy and sunny 🙂 Can’t wait to see the completed camper.

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