Aloha Camper Restore Update

We had a dud work week last weekend.  I was all excited to get going on the camper but we spent our whole work day ‘talking’ which was totally necessary but completely frustrating!  When I was building my tiny house I only had to answer to me!  Now James thinks he wants a say ;-).  It was ultimately a good thing, we are on the same page (ish) now about the direction we are going with the camper.  This struggle is real though, communication is key!  I was inspired by this to get some fancy ideas.


I may have been a bit too convincing in my argument (James was not initially on board but now is excited about having a fold down office/play room), I waffle back ad forth on if it’s going to be great or ‘too much work’… I modeled up some logistics, figured out the details and am so slow on progressing anyway that I am hesitating to add the couple extra work days to the project…  that could amount to weeks at this rate!

Long story short, we aren’t sure which direction we are going.  We went to go pick up our lumber anyway and get started and we started the day right off with a tantrum from Hazel because she didn’t want to wear ANY clothes, not just some, she wanted naked.  All day.  Finally get her dressed and head out to the camper (building it out at my folks for a bit) and we get a flat tire on the way… blah!

Got it all fixed up and get to work.  I got to use dads ATV to move it into the shop (lucky us to have that spot!).  We were afraid that if we started taking it apart the wind would be more likely to catch it and move it about (it already got knocked off it’s jack stand by some strong wind).  Once it was in there we took off all of the pieces-parts, all the vents, drip edges over the windows, decals and even the window and door.  It’s just a shell pretty much now, I am going to spend some time trying to remove the gucky paint and then we will take it down to it’s skeleton.

We didn’t initially plan on taking it down this far but some of the pretty important pieces of wood framing are pretty rough, they need replaced and there isn’t an easy way to do that without some major deconstruction!  We want to seal it up really well and I’m trying to see this as a good thing, it gives us a chance to reseal the windows and clean everything up really nice before putting it back together!

Now that we have it down this far we are thinking about taking the floor up even, it is saturated in some chemical concoction that has made it stand up really well through the test of time but I have no doubt the flooring is asbestos ridden, I am not stoked knowing that there are probably some pretty awful chemicals in those floor boards.  If it was a week here and there that is one thing but if we are really thinking we could take this and live in it for 1/4+ of the year then I’m not really comfy with that being in such a small area for my kids and us to breath…

Here are some pictures from today:

And some quick family shinanigans from our wedding/camping trip yesterday:

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New Cabinets/Stairs and a family Update!

I am getting prepped and ready to go to Colorado Springs for the Tiny House Jamboree on the first weekend in August.   I am udder introverted and it’s times like these I wonder why in the heck I said ‘okay’ to speaking at the event (but I am still oddly excited),  I have a vague idea of what I want to say but that’s it, a vague idea… In my nervousness I have found a plethora of ways to procrastinate figuring out something a little more solid.  For instance, I made Hazel a new dress:

13612396_10100879802186564_6852450129797933511_n (1)

I’ll be making one just like it for me! Because, adorable.

Other ways to procrastinate what I SHOULD be doing have included, refacing every cupboard and drawer in my house, building new stairs, putting a fresh coat of paint on the entire interior of the house.  Seriously, I don’t mess around, procrastination has been a serious tool to GSD (get ‘stuff’ done) in my life!   Here are some progress photos of that:

With the exception of resealing the outside of my house (which will be done before August, I bet ya!), I think I have exhausted my avenues of procrastination… which means I will have to focus in on what my talk will be about.

It’s kind of cool to be given a platform to speak, directly to people who are interested in what I am interested in, for an hour about what I feel is the most important thing I have learned on this whole wild ride… sometimes and hour seems SO long but mostly I think… how can I possibly fit it all in one hour!?  The shorter the talk the more time is needed to prepare, weeding out the ‘fluff’ is hard!

The vague idea that I want to convey is that DIY is important!  I want to encourage others to do this themselves.  The journey is important for more than one reason!

With that, here is a family update of my turkeys:

Our Tiny House Story

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