Cell Phone Free

I just passed my one year mark of not having a cell phone… basically.  AND I’m not rushing out to get one now!  :)  You can read all the thoughts that went into the decision here.  This post is the results though!


I’ll be honest, the first three months were HARD.  I had just had a new baby, I traveled across the country with the family and needed to coordinate things, that is much more difficult with no phone and takes a lot more planning.  If I am being really honest though neither of those is why it was so hard.  I couldn’t get on Facebook whenever the whim struck me.  I couldn’t check the stats on my website instantly.  I couldn’t text a friend whenever I had that tiny moment of loneliness.   I couldn’t upload pictures of my dog to social media.  I didn’t exchange 400+ texts a day with James over all the little things that probably didn’t need to be texted about anyway… There was a lot of time in the day left to fill…

Then I got into it.  It was/is NICE to not be 100% accessible ALL. THE. TIME.  I had stopped my full time job to take care of Hazel but all of those questions about where is this file or that one weren’t instantly put on my plate.  I could actually focus on what I was meaning to focus on, Hazel!  99% of those issues could be figured out anyway, it’s amazing how many problems actually do resolve themselves if given the opportunity to.  IF there was something I really needed to weigh in on I made a point to check my email twice a day (in reality is is a lot more than that), there was nothing that couldn’t wait 12 hours…

There are emergencies though, yes, you can’t plan for them and I did not want to be without a way to call an ambulance should I need that, I was a brand new mom for crying out loud!  I purchased a $5.00 tracfone and one years service.  I have used that phone two times, neither were for emergencies.   Still it is nice to have (I admit, I did lose that phone for about 4 of those months before it turned back up…).

my phone
this is my emergency phone, there are no fun games on it…


Does it frustrate my family that I am not accessible via phone?  Yes.  Would they like me more accessible? Yes.  Was it that way when I paid for a phone too?  Yes.  I have never been a big phone person and was constantly poked fun at for rather texting than calling (that’s true).  It’s how I am.  It’s still how I am but I save the cost of a smart phone and about a hundred bucks a month on the service!

Here is how you can still stay in touch and skip the phone.  All of them rely on the internet so they may not work for everyone, being urban there is rarely a moment I don’t have access to some wifi:

  • Obviously email is an option.  I like this because I am not ‘on call’.  I usually do respond ASAP but I can respond at my own pace, super nice with a baby (and no loud notifications to disrupt naptime!)
  • Also obviously, there is Facebook.  This one makes me feel a little more ‘on call’ since it tells you when messages have been read yet I can’t always reply instantly… I just rectify this by turning off my notifications so that I can check them when I have time to and not feel rushed into a reply.
  • Google Voice is a great option.  You can still text and even talk though an any computer or tablet.  You can text from Google voice just fine but when it comes to calls you need an additional app to sent the call through.  Talkatone worked great for me.  This essentially gave me a landline whenever I was home or within range of any wifi (almost always) and pretty much cut out texting while driving, not a bad thing in my book!

Even though I COULD call and text it was still pretty spotty at best, it’s just me.  If you’d like to go phoneless I highly recommend it and hopefully these options can ease the transition and make it easier.  After the three month time period I have to admit I really started loving not having a phone.


  • I worry about an emergency and needing a phone (I am almost always around someone who has a phone and/or wifi.  For those other times I have 55 bucks invested into a tracfone and that service which eliminates this concern.)
  • It bugs my family that they can’t just pick up the phone and talk to me (it was the same when I had a phone to be honest)
  • I don’t have quick access to photos, which DOES stink with a new kiddo… I still have to get a old school grab and go camera! Ha!
  • No Candy Crusher and Pet Rescue!
  • You do get weird looks when you tell people you have no phone number, some just ask you to ‘put one down anyway’… others assume I’m really poor… I don’t think the tiny house helps that perception, I assure you though, I’m not ‘poor’! :)


  • I am not ‘on-call’ and can fill the time and spend my energy being more productive (do I always, no, but I can!)
  • I don’t text and drive.
  • I save $100+ a month.
  • I don’t spin my wheels focusing on social media and stats simply because I can. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • I have become much more organized and intentional about my online presence and have been much more successful because of it.

A year ago I wondered if I would be counting down the days to the 24th so I could run out and get a new smart phone.  The answer is nope!  The pros still out weigh the cons!  I think I will remain phoneless a bit longer!   :)

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Kids Room Mural

I made mention before about doing an iridescent wall mural in the kids’ room like this:


Something that looks plain white in the day but at night you could flip on a black light and it would glow.  I got back some great feedback from a reader saying I should be careful about having a black light in the kids’ room so it doesn’t hurt their eyes… It’s something I hadn’t gotten far enough along to consider.  I could hide a black light behind a soffit or something but James and I had another idea.  Why not just have it be a plain ole mural, visible during the day instead of hiding all the hard work AND add glow in the dark paint to the windows/lights so that it was a night scene at night!  I think that would look awesome!

I really want to do some sort of ‘village’, those are the pictures that I liked as a kid, you can make up stories about the things that live in the houses.  Growing up it was a good way to let my mind wonder and drift off to sleep.  I think it would look really cool too.  I suppose some of this depends on the sex of #2 here, we won’t know that for a few more weeks but I am getting some ideas together.  Hazel loves fairies.  I know it’s weird, sh’es too young to really know anything about anything but seriously the only show she actually sits and watches is Tinkerbell.  She’s had an interest that way for several months already (I got a girly girl, no idea where she got that from, it wasn’t me!).  That sent me on the path to a forest.  Then I went to tree houses because they would be awesome!  So… if you were to paint a mural in a couple of kids’ rooms, what direction would you lean?  Do you know of a high quality glow in the dark paint that lasts for a while and WORKS?

I think my number one would be an interconnected tree-house scene, I am afraid it will make things look dark but I think I can paint it in a way that it won’t look dreary…