Renovation Day 3

Still on schedule, AMAZING!

I’ve had a little snaffu with Denver and my computer so I haven’t been able to update.  I am back on the grid now though so I thought I would share day 3 and day 4 with you.  Or rather weekend 3 and 4…

Weekend threes goals were to frame and sheath the addition.  In order to do that I had to take down the rest of the siding (SAD!!!), it goes down WAY faster than it went up and I felt terrible ripping apart all that hard work!  BUT, form follows function and our needs have changed, I am just lucky I had the forethought to add an areas that we CAN add an addition onto.   So I spent the afternoon Friday ripping apart my house :( and cleaning up the areas so we could frame walls  and Saturday we.  We made some awesome progress, thanks to James’s help, I would NOT have got all of that done in one day without him.  He didn’t think we could get sheathing up too but I am a slave driver :).  As he was finishing up the framing I went ahead and put the first piece of sheathing up so he would be stuck helping with that too.  We had a mothers day dinner to go to that night so we called it quits at 6pm but it wasn’t a bad days’ work!   Both walls framed and sheathed. I did run out of lumber so we couldn’t fill in the porch opening.  I said I would take mothers day off but I started on electrical and sealing up the insulation cavities… it’s not done but I worked leisurely… :) and we did mothers day-y things that day, visiting James’s family and what-not, I even got a free breakfast burrito out of the deal 😉 (and lunch and dinner)

Some quick proof that I do in fact work on my house… its rare that I am not the one behind the camera but James caught me…

Here are some pictures in no particular order of weekend 3:

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Renovation Day 2

Day two has been accomplished and I am still on schedule.  Yeah!  I had a solo day of work which I may or may not be pissed about… but the point is I met the goals for the weekend.  It is tough crawling around under the trailer at five months pregnant but I did it last time at 7 months, so, I guess it was easier than that!  I do believe THIS marks the toughest part of the whole construction so I am happy to have that behind me.

Next weekend I work on framing the walls!  Wewt!!

Here are some photos of my progress: