It Has Officially Begun!

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Construction is on!  I have been chomping at the bit to get to work on Hazel’s room but I was waiting for the conference to pass before I officially pushed ahead.  This weekend is our first real work week(end).  This project will be completed only on weekends unless we get over zealous!  The goal this weekend was to get the patio cleaned up and cleared out (so we can frame the walls on the ground) and buy all the materials to get ‘dried in’.  That was it, the only goals.  We got that and more done though!

I took all the deck boards off the deck and reassembled them (I figured why not) off the deck so that Hazel has a nice dry place to play in the days after the rain that leave the ground muddy.  She got a sandbox from her grandma for her birthday and after our trip to the ocean she is all about sand.  It will be really handy to entertain her while James and I are busy at work!

So, I am hoping to be done done [with the addition, the tile/flooring may take a couple more weekends to rip out and replace] with things inside of 8 weekends, I feel like that is reasonable but at the same time it’s a ‘fun’ project, I am willing to let that slide if it is not enjoyable… because there is more to life then stressful projects!

  • Our first weekend is prepping, getting everything on hand for phase one.  Trips back and forth to the store eat up SO much time… Done!
  • Weekend two, get the floor built and insulated.  The floor is going to be built into the trailer frame like the rest of the house and insulated, the challenge is that it is built over the dove-tail so the metal is all slanty and tricky to build around… I have some tricks up my sleeve to handle that I hope though!
  • Third weekend, demo existing parts that need it [siding and opening] and frame the addition.
  • Fourth weekend, finish framing, install window and door and get supplies to finish things up inside and out.
  • Weekend five, exterior finish on and looking good!
  • Weekend six, wire and insulate interior, relocate water heater vent to outside wall start the drywall.
  • Seventh weekend, finish drywall, paint, start bed framing.
  • Eighth weekend, finish bed framing, paint, move ’em in!

This timeline puts me right about 7 months pregnant when complete, I think I’ll be ready to put the hammer down by then but at the same time we are planning to rip out all the tile and radiant floor and replace it with hardwood, this may or may not be the same reclaimed stuff I used on my counters since I am not quite sure I have the whole 150 s.f. required after sharing with others, we will see though.

My budget for the room addition is $1,500 which seems easy considering how much I spent on my whole house build [$11,416.16] and the fact that there isn’t much to it electrically or plumbing wise BUT I am buying all of my materials from Lowe’s or other retail rather than seeking my money saving paths, I just don’t have the timeline for that right now.  To give you an idea of the cost savings previously… today I spent as much on lumber for this 36 s.f. addition, only two walls mind you, as I spent on the lumber for the entire rest of my house…  I am still hopeful I will meet the goals!

Spending to date… guesstimating, I will actually update on my budget page shortly, I have spend $313 on a door, $400 on lumber and misc supplies and $20 for additional vent pipe to re-route my water heater vent.  Just about halfway there… 🙂  Here are some pictures, not much new to see yet but there will be some soon! 🙂



  1. Ahhh – I understand much better what you’re doing now. And you’re staying on the trailer. Impressive you can add another room to the design.

    To me, it seems a little optimistic towards the end. No break in there? And you may want to vent a couple of days after painting before anyone moves in. Especially to sleep.

    Further – don’t count on the sleep arrangements to “stick” right away. Someone needs to get used to the idea and have buy in or… My neighbors set up a new room for their first 2 months before #2. It wasn’t enough. But of course, every child is different.

  2. Denver definitely looks a little unsure about this whole project ! Once he realizes he will be getting another playmate, I’m sure he will be fine. Good luck on your addition! Hope you are feeling ok so far during your pregnancy.

  3. Macy, Cute little baby bump. It sounds like a do-able plan. I imagine adding on after you’ve actually built your own house will be easier this time around.

  4. I’m just so in awe of you. I know this must seem much simpler after your initial project, but I’m just envisioning having the tenacity and wherewithal to start chopping, sawing, sanding, constructing and it’s just not something that I’ve ever envisioned so seeing you knock it out as a mommy with another on the way is just out and out badass, and how cool that James and Hazel can be involved too! I’ll be in Boise around the 4th of July if you want me to come pound some nails or paint a wall. Congratulations to all of you!

    1. You’re totally right, this is WAY easier than a whole house! 🙂 We are actually aiming to get done done before the 4th so that we can travel up to north Idaho to see some family! 🙂 (HOPING!)

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