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  1. Nice combo. BTW babies don’t really NEED all the stuff we adults are tempted with…as long as they are fed, changed and in a safe environment all we really need to add is LOVE. I think your tiny home will be filled with that!

  2. This looks very much like what I bought for my 1st grandbaby. If it is, it converts to a kid bed & a full bed so the kiddo can use it forever. Just be sure to get the guard rail soon. My daughter had a hard time finding the right one when they converted to the kid bed from the crib

    1. Good advice! I wondered about how many times that happens! I think I have decided to go with a different set-up, this one is just too big and I don’t really think the changing table part is valuable enough to take up area in my tiny place. It is a cute set though!

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