Renzo Piano Tiny House!

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All Photos from Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

I am SO excited to see this!  Renzo Piano is in my top two favorite architects of all time (everyone has one of those, right ;-)…I’m a nerd…).  He may just claim that number one spot after seeing this project!  Seriously though, to see a mainstream, big name architect tackle a tiny house… cool!  Also, side note… Renzo is a cool name (thinking about re-naming Denny before he gets here, thoughts???).

He is also probably the person in school that I spent most of my time studying.  I love his work because every project is SO different, he sets on a mission to figure out the problem and then sets to designing solutions, usually a very specific and unique set of solutions.  How much more basic can you make architecture, find problem find solution…  And I am all about basic and simple.  Below are a TON of pictures of some of his other projects, for those of you who aren’t familiar with him to give you a basis:

And so what does it look like when a designer of that ability tackles a tiny house?  Check out the images below, let me know what you think.

I think what is funny about the tiny house movement is that it is SO personal, and I can actually say that I like my own design better than Mr. Piano’s because it fits me!  That is of the utmost importance!  I never thought I would genuinely like one of my designs better than Renzo Piano’s though, that’s just crazy :).  I do LOVE that he did this project though!

What do you think, should Denny be called Renzo instead (serious question)? 🙂  Also, do you think your design is better than Renzo Piano’s?  Why or why not?



  1. Wonderful! I didn’t know this man’s work & love the intro. And yes, I can appreciate the schematic. I was wishing I could enlarge the pics to see more detail. Interesting concept: using a seamless piece of covering for outer coat of roof & siding (although now that we understand the need for buildings to be able to breathe, I wouldn’t do it. But maybe it doesn’t matter in such a tiny space, where open doors serve as ventilation)

    1. I totally agree with you, in my brief experience, it’s only been a couple weeks, the ventilation in a tiny house doesn’t seem to be a problem. Every time I come in and leave my house I pretty much have an entire air exchange. I think that is going to be an issue in winter when I let all my warm air out and change it for cold air, but I guess we will see. My thinking is that is why he is able to get away from it. My guess though also is that there is a fan somewhere, which for 84 s.f. better be close-off-able! I am sorry I couldn’t get bigger pictures, he does have some downloads on his site (linked at the top) which may be a bit more interactive.

  2. I don’t care for his tiny house, I think it looks like a tiny waiting room…but I love his big-scale designs. Steel that looks like waves!

    And if you want to change Denny’s name to Renzo, do it. Denny (or Denver) is sort of generic, and Renzo is distinctive and you like it. There won’t be another Renzo at the dog park for sure!

  3. Honestly, I prefer your tiny house design. I think it is one of the more livable ones I’ve seen. It’s also so open and non-claustrophobic inside. Having your bed on a raised platform instead of a sleeping loft is brilliant.

    As for your dog’s name? I think you should name him something that means something to you. You two are going to be a team after all. Renzo is a wonderful name for him!

  4. I am going to “delurk” out of the shadows to say thank you so much for sharing this. I’m certainly familiar with Renzo Piano (as a former arch theory student), but I agree – tiny houses are so personal. Yours certainly exudes your personality.

    I will probably never build one myself (I am older and have a very nice “smallerish” home on a gorgeous lot that I am very happy with), but I enjoy the “puzzle” of designing a tiny home within trailer/dimension constraints that would also meet my own personal needs, which just so happen to include a piano. So many of the tiny homes I see are basically the same design over and over – I’ve tried to look to well-designed “full size” homes, yet modify the proportions harmoniously. You have certainly broken out of the box in your design and I applaud you for that.

    And I certainly think you need to rename Denny as Renzo!

    1. Thank you so much for de-lurking! 🙂 It’s very nice to hear from you, thank you for you kind words, they are much appreciated! It was a tough call but I stuck with Denny, after I met him he just seems so much more ‘Denny’ than Renzo… 🙂

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