Update 5.19.13 – with blood…

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We (James and I)  rocked it this weekend, we didn’t get as much as I idealistically wanted to get done but we got exactly what I realistically hoped to get done and a smidgen more!  This was the big weekend for siding, it will take more and it will take longer because at this point it is all ladders but it is looking AWESOME.  Pallets are a TON of work to re-use but personally I think it’s worth the look.  At this point the wood is just decorative, the moisture barrier is behind that.  It is a rain-screen wall designed to let water through and vented out the top and bottom.  Do not use this same system without setting it up as a true rain-screen, it will rot out all your hard work!

Also, I would like to dedicate this post to Ms. Freeman’s class in Texas, I know how much you guys like to see me get hurt :).  Be warned, the last two pictures have blood, it did not hurt but it is gross… caused once again by, you guessed it, me being klutzy!  (I will give a warning in the slideshow view to not look at the next picture if you don’t like blood)

And there is a Denver update, he’s getting big and even more handsome! 🙂

Thank you James for all of your help this weekend, I could not have got this far, this fast, without you!

Tonight, I (Nathan) work on the barn door for the bathroom… 🙂



  1. Macy,all your progress has been looking great! You’re doing a good job,my friend 🙂 OUCH on the finger,sounds like something I’d do (trust me,it does). Especially those pesky crank-bolts on bicycles,one side is always reverse threaded by the manufacturer just to mess with me 😛

    I don’t always comment,but always read and am impressed-I’ve learned quite a bit BTW 🙂

    The DC (Stephen Sammons in you FB friends list-couldn’t remember if you knew that or not)

    1. Awww thanks Stephen, and thank you for the reminder, I knew we were FB friends and that you have introduced yourself before but I forgot, I’ve actually tried to go back through and find that, it was kind of driving me nuts that I couldn’t remember! Thanks so much again for your encouraging words!

      1. LOL,I’m ALWAYS forgetting things,but I blame it on having hit my head really hard back in ’01 (hard enough to break my neck twice),most times my Wife just rolls her eyes and accepts it,LOL!

        The encouraging words are ture words,my friend,I HAVE learned lots about building by reading your progress,a home builder/carpender/etc I’m not,but though a tiny/small home build didn’t happen for us (yet),I have made some home repairs and improvements with confidence I’ve gained from some of the things I’ve seen here 🙂

  2. the siding is AMAZING. it’s so pretty! And your gore-y finger is quite nice too. Nice blood work.

  3. I think it’s interesting that what you call a rain screen, turns out to be the same thing I want to do someday to keep the house cool! Radiant barrier, then air gap, vented at both top and bottom? Of course I’ll want to continue it up onto the roof as well. Living in Southern California, I think a whole lot more about cooling than I do about rain! But I now know, thanks to you, that the same system is also good for rain!

    1. They are exactly the same thing! for you the shade is more important for me the moisture barrier is but it is exactly the same 🙂 I can’t remember what your’s is called, it has a ‘real name’… hmmm that’s going to bug me! It’s all pretty simple and basic stuff that makes a lot of sense 🙂

  4. I too love big dogs and a nagging question was always, how will my rottie get up, and more importantly, DOWN from a loft. You clearly did think this through. Most people don’t realize big dogs are just so relaxed. I think it’ll be easier to share a small space with a big, lazy “bear rug” than with an energetic small dog…. Finding room for all the dog food, well that’s a whole nother question!

    The house looks great! Can’t wait to see how awesome the pallet wood looks when finished.

    1. that’s so true! The dog food has been the thing in question, I am going to have a great big drawer under my oven that is about the size of my oven and that electrical closet up front will fit a bag or two of reserve so I can even still shop in bulk! Until I go off-grid that is and need that for batteries… 🙂 Thanks for the comment Kate!

  5. I LOVE that you are re-purposing pallets! I’m using pallet construction (ala Michael Janzen) for Mama’s Little Cottage, and will likely end up using pallets in some form or another for my own tiny house on wheels (as flooring or for interior finishing). It is looking so good! Where are you finding your pallets? I

    1. Thanks Hannah! I just hopped on Craigslist, there are a ton here in the ‘free’ section or if you just search pallets. Do be careful about using pallets inside, some are cured with toxic chemicals you wouldn’t want contained inside your house, let alone all the gunk that gets on them. I believe Deek did a post somewhere about how to look for the pallets that are not chemically treated, in my experience it would be hard to find unless the pallets weren’t used, i believe they get stamped but that stamp seems to wear off fast. That is why I ended up doing reclaimed hardwood floor inside instead, it was also free with a little work (far less than the pallets though) and much healthier overall. As always, thanks for your hind words and encouragement! Much appreciated!

      1. Thanks! Yeah, HT means heat treated whereas BT means full of nasty chemicals. I love the free section on Craigslist 🙂 <3 good tips.

  6. I know this is an older post but I have a question in relation to it.

    You mention the chemicals used for treating the pallets. Are you using the sawdust from them for your composting loo? And if so what if any concerns do you have about putting those chemicals back into the ground?

    Thanks, enjoying the read as I prepare for my build!

    1. I am not using the sawdust from the pallets precisely because of the chemicals. I’ just using the sawdust from the studs which actually amounts to a lot, I still have two huge bags full!

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