Construction Update – 7.5.12

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There has been *some* progress.  The house is plumbed with the vent and supply lines (pictures to come soon).  On the 4th I was able to finally stat putting up some roofing too.  It was done pretty much in the heat of the day which isn’t a great idea… but I think we got the system down!  We just got one of 6 sheets down but I got a good idea of how much more glue I need to get (it’s on order now) and we can figure out the best way to lay it down.  I’m not sure how many times a person gets the opportunity to lay TPO roofing in their life if they aren’t a roofer so I think it’s pretty cool!  Here are some pictures of that, sorry in advance for the butt pictures, mom did it!



  1. you have the sweetest dad, that had to be well over 100 degrees under that roofing material, what a guy! The project is coming along, we are both in similar stages. I was on the roof last week helping lay tar paper on the roof.

    1. No kidding right! Sometimes I am just amazed at the generosity! I could definitely not do this project without that man! Your project is looking amazing! So excited to keep watching!

  2. Is it February again? Ya I know it isn’t. Glad to see the tiny house coming along. It will be interesting to see how the roof turns out. I think this is a totally unique approach for a tiny house roof.

    1. Oh my gosh! How do I keep doing that! Thanks for the catch, again :). Thanks for the comment, I hope it turns out well, I think it will, I really like how it’s working out so far 🙂

  3. I’d love to see some more pics, or even a sketch, of that pallet ripper.
    Seems like it could make using pallets a lot more feasible.
    BTW, here’s a thread you might find interesting; it shows a shed built from pallets, both the structure and the cladding.

    1. I will put something together for ya! I can take some close up pictures, we just used scraps from the barn but it’s very effective (pretty in it’s own way (-;).
      That is an interesting link for sure, lot’s of cool stuff on there, is that your site? I am going to be poking around there for a while! Thanks for sharing!

  4. hmm, looks like I did send you to my own site, but I actually meant to send you to somebody else’s site, as I haven’t built with pallets yet. Maybe WP strips hyperlinks out of comments–in which case just search for
    “the-pallet-king-of-guemene” and you’ll find the fellow’s build thread.

    BTW I admire your chutzpa in approaching potential sponsors for your project. That’d make a great post topic!

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