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We’ve got three bits of news. Well, four, really.


We wen’t to Hawaii. That was super fun but we only did it because other things in life are going painfully slow on the timelines they need to. James had a bunch of airline miles and we had a couple of National Parks to tick off over in the middle of the Pacific. It was a nice frugal trip to the islands. We packed a tent, camped on the beach and checked out our 49th and 50th National Parks (12 left to go!). It’s a scary time to travel but we made it just under the wire of our comfort level! Now we’re back home and grateful to be with all the travel bans going into effect!


We’re working through the process of getting the addition started on the Boise house. James is holding the (required) neighborhood meeting tonight. This is to give any and all neighbors a change to come talk about any issues or reservations they have. We aren’t expecting too much but you really never know with these things. We’ll be there and we’ll be ready to answer questions!

More exciting

I bought a truck! We named him Sinatra. Because I am me and we are us he was a steal but his past is sketchy at best. I bought it from an auction for $4,000. We’ve been looking for a truck for a while. Every since I bought our little red trailer, now named ‘Cliff’. We knew we would need something big enough to pull it. I’ve been watching the auction house for months, you might even say years at this point. The funny part is, The reason I bid on this truck (partly) is because there was a projector I really wanted. I got it (for $30) so I had to make the trip out worth while… ended up getting the truck. THEN, when I went to pick them up they lost the projector!! ha!

We have no idea how reliable this truck is yet. We’ve put about 60 miles on it. It does have a check engine light that popped on but the code says it’s likely minor. We’ll be taking him into the shop for a once over shortly. I promised it I would give him a boy name if he promised to not be a lemon. So far his name is Sinatra… we’ll see if it changes soon.

Most Exciting

Hawg is working again on the shop. We really want to head up for Hazel’s 6th birthday and have a little party with the Moscow homeschool crowd. I let Hawg know this and he and his crew spent some time working on it. It looks like the headers, metal and doors are the main things left. And the concrete slab when it gets warm enough to pour.

So, there is the month in review! 🙂 I hope you have a LOVEly February, too.



  1. My plan is to sell my house
    And move to VA. I hope to be
    Able to build a tiny house there. It will be half your plan and from kitchen on
    B. Yunker’s plan from the book. I am 68 yrs old so can’t do the work myself.
    Do you think $70k would be
    Enough? Also do u think it
    Would work to combine, the 2 plans? This is my dream. My daughter & grandchildren live in VA.
    It breaks my heart to be
    So far away. Thank you.
    Nancy McCaleb

    1. It seems to be a very reasonable budget, of course that depends on your builder and your materials. I think your plan sounds lovely. I also very much encourage you to change the plans to suit you. Combining two existing designs is a very clear way to achieve that! I wish you much luck on your journey!

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