Our Barn has a Skeleton

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Our last update I was feeling a bit defeated. Trying to get this barn done feels like a lot of hoops! Well, it is. It’s just harder to get things done when you’re not doing it yourself. Pulling permits. Passing inspections… It’s just not as easy as you would think.

Here we are though, past the first inspection. Racing the weather that is sure to come. We passed the first hurdle, the concrete is all in the ground, curing. That was a pressing issue because you really shouldn’t pour concrete when it’s cold, it doesn’t cure right. It helps to have it underground instead of exposed but only so much. This being the rainy season is troublesome too, too much water will ruin the batch. We managed to skate in and get two pours done (the first batch to set the posts on and the second to go around them.

To pass inspection we had to dig the holes down deeper than expected. With that, I had to get some Sonotubes. The holes being deeper than needed made them get wider than needed too. Sonotubes help cut down on the price of concrete. I had to get a few hundred dollars in sonotubes but saved more than that on concrete. Also, on my way up I looked if there were cheaper sonotubes online and saw someone giving away 6′ on the way up. So we stopped and picked it up. It got a lot of rain but still managed to save us some mulla.

We ended up over buying concrete anyway due to some miscalculations so I don’t think it saved too much. Our neighbor got some concrete in his shop though. At least it got used. The kids were fascinated with the concrete truck and the whole process of pouring. Well, until it was time to make our mark at the end. Miles kind of fell apart there… I paid him a dollar though so he was reluctantly willing to stick his hand in the mud. He did proclaim that he will NEVER do that again though. I will count myself lucky to get the one and only paw print :).

The original plan was poles then trusses but at 22′ hight the poles were too wiggly to feel safe. instead the crew built the mezzanine to tie it all together and make trusses easier to get up. The little bit of slab was necessary to get the stairs built. The rest of the slab may not be poured until the weather warms back up.

New Aerials

Kind of drab looking but we updated the aerials. The grass is all laid down from the snow and wind. It’s nice to see the progress over time though!

The kid’s beds

One of the goals of the trip is to update the kids beds. They were stoked to sleep in their little caves again. Hazel had some updates to make. She wanted to add a sky, with clouds and planets. We added some glow in the dark paint so that it shows at night. Miles also got some stars and a treasure map. He’s still thinking about what he wants to see out his windows. They are a fun work in progress we do together.

Solar update

We have power! James hooked up all the solar just like we had planned and diagramed. The panels actually worked, better than expected. The batteries worked through the night. Then charged themselves. Just like they should!

We strapped the house down with mobile home ties. We boiled water for showers and enjoyed the views! We also got our first mail! A lot of it! We are writing back too!

All the other stuff

Other every day parts of our lives that I want to document and the views from our property.

The pond

We have no idea if this is normal or not. Our pond seems to be MUCH lower than other ponds in the area. The first picture is where it is today, the second is where it was when we bought the place. The dock hasn’t moved. It was a lot of spring run off but still, it seems awfully low.


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