What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

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Let me start by saying I believe I have won the lottery. Not literally, unless you count a scratcher stocking stuffer ;-). I have lived an incredible life though, and I do appreciate that, I hope as much as I should. James is a wonderful, honest partner with heaps of integrity. Together we have two healthy and brave children, who, so far, love us to pieces. My dream dog in every way. I’ve accomplished most goals I have tried to achieve and know enough to keep setting new ones! I have had the opportunity to travel and explore at my leisure. We have food in our bellies, blankets on our beds, smiles on our face and love in our hearts. I can’t imagine how much better life can get than that.

The Great Salt Lake, UT

If tomorrow, I won the literal lottery, I don’t believe my life would change significantly at all. I have big goals in my minds eye to be sure, but they are to be earned, not purchased. They will take more time than money to achieve. I believe they would speed up a little maybe but my wants have more to do with doing things than having things. Like my tiny house, it was much more the process of building that led me down the path than it was the having the tiny house.

The working hard and earning your own way matters so much more to me than anything else I could think of. I strive to DO, so that I may have the power of KNOWING. That simply cannot be purchased and so wouldn’t be effected by an influx of money. My biggest goal is to empower my children with the same mindset.

Though… I might buy a Silver Streak Camper and a tractor if I was forced to splurge :). And I’d buy my friends beer more often!

PS- a goal (NOT resolution) for me this year is to get back to enjoying my blog. I feel like I have lost a little bit of the joy of writing and documenting once tiny houses went main stream. I’m taking it back! To help kick this off, I bought myself a deck of cards from the Best Self Co. to help spur some ideas until I can get back on my own two feet. I would love it if you played along with me!

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?



  1. My list is the same as it has been for 45+ years… buy a small house on enough acreage to have my animals/garden/fruit trees, buy truck/horse trailer, put some away for retirement, and give to causes that speak to me.

  2. If I won the lottery (the literal lottery – I have a lot to be thankful for), I would give away SO MUCH MONEY. Embarrassing amounts. Anonymously. I would make sure my friend’s kids had money for school. I would do what John Oliver did and use the money to buy people’s medical debt and pay it off.

    In short, because I have limited money, I ca only change tiny pieces of the world, one tiny bit at a time. Winning the literal lottery would allow me to make vast, sweeping change in a fell swoop.

    Also, my splurge things would be two: a fully restored, stock 1969 convertible VW bug (powder blue) and a trip to Tahiti with my girl for our 50th/21st birthday in a couple years.

    1. I love this! I have been fortunate to be able to gift friends things I feel they need or things that would make their lives easier. I always strive to be anonymous because its fun to hear the stories later about how awesome it made them feel without it having the pressure of a ‘thank you’.

      I hope you and Sicily make Tahiti happen, that sounds amazing!

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