A Week On The Road

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Every single day we have been going has been better than could be expected.  With the exception of today (which has everything to do with crappy toddler sleep… it happens…).  When I can see that and get through my grumpy state I am grateful for everything.  It is an amazing opportunity to get to do what we are doing!

We’re still on the ‘high’ of, “wow, this is really happening,”

What we’ve done:

  • We’ve called the travel trailer ‘home’ for 9 days
  • We have traveled 900+ Miles
  • We’ve spend roughly $100 on gas
  • We’ve spent$162 on site fees and lodging
  • We crossed ‘see Spiral Jetty’ off of our bucket lists!
  • We’ve played fetch in the Great Salt Lake
  • We’ve done laundry in our Wonder Wash
  • We saw bison, up close (but not too close!)
  • We went to a cowboy poetry show and tried to rope a cal (fake)
  • We’ve looked at a LOT of rocks (and threw them in the water)
  • We’ve visited 4 different beaches
  • We slept at a Walmart
  • We have stayed 4 days in a row off grid.
  • Taken LOTS of photos!

What we are going to do:

We aren’t real sure yet.  We have Dinosaur National Monument on our radar but who knows… we’re going where the wind blows us!


It’s been an adjustment working around wifi.  We brought our own network but we only get access where Verizon covers.   In the west that is spotty in rural areas.  James tries to catch up on work on the road and in the mornings.  There hasn’t been much time for me to catch up on my own work.  I feel like I am dropping balls and I don’t like that.  Hopefully it’s just an adjustment period.

We are also on the bucket potty system.  James had issue with it initially but we seem to be over that, the kiddo adapted well and likes the sparkle potty.   Miles thinks he’s ready to start using the potty so it looks like we will add potty training to our agenda shortly.

SLEEPING.  The source of my grumpies today!  A little back story… I was always a king sized bed person… I like to spread out!  Then, we downsized to a queen when Hazel was born so she could have her own safe space next to us in a co-sleeper.  NOW we’re at a full size in the trailer… and the two kids think we have a family bed!  BUT, they also got their moms tendency to spread out when they sleep!  We’ve woken up for the last three days with two toddlers in our bed instead of theirs!  We’re going to nip this in the bud because I am tired of nocturnal gymnastics!  I would love to blame it on the camper, and it probably is because of our recent changes but it’s silly and we need to just get them in their own beds.  Mom will be much happier!  Any tips or suggestions are welcome!


Gas:  We seem to be spending LESS on gas… not running around town all day to this and that location, just doing less, longer trips is effecting our pocketbook it seems.  I would think with the distance between stops right now it would be a higher price tag.  But I will gladly take that savings!

We are eating SO much healthier!  Apparently fresh fruits and veggies become more appealing than the standard home snacks!  Less dishes and less water to clean them are appealing!

That’s all I have for now, I feel bad no posting more pictures but the shortage of wifi is dictating it, all the good one’s go to our Instagram though!   Be well!



  1. Looks like a lot of fun. And the issues seem minor – some will settle out as you get further in. Wonderful!

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I did have a good chuckle about the kids in the bed. I was waiting for you to say that the Great Dane was in bed with you too.

  3. Hello, just checking to see how the wonder wash is working for you? I’m considering a washer for an RV because we cloth diaper and founds lots of electric ones that are around $100. I see that you chose a hand crank and just curious what your thoughts are now that you’ve been using it for awhile. I really enjoy reading your website and have been following it for a few years now. It sounds like you all are having a great time on the road! I look forward to hearing more.

    1. I’ll be honest and say it gets used maybe 1-2 times a month for emergencies or to get us through to the next laundry day but for that it is fantastic! We just seem to actually enjoy treks in to go to a laundromat every once in a while. We had the opportunity to drop it off but we didn’t because it’s nice (and worth the space) to take it along!

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