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Can these plans be modified to fit a non-gooseneck (bumper-pull) trailer?

Yes, all of the details would be the same, I would just modify the plans to include a fold out or murphy style bed in the living area, perhaps incorporated into the storage unit currently shown under the bed.

What trailer size is needed?

The original design is based on a 24′ flatbed goose-neck or fifth-wheel type trailer with a 5′ dovetail.  The overhang on the goose-neck is approx. 4′ making the total length 33′ including patio.

Is this set stamped and signed by an architect?

They are drawn by a licensed architect and have been evaluated by a structural engineer, they could be stamped in the state of Idaho but any other state would require an architect licensed in that state to review them.  I don’t know of any states that require a stamped set for a single residence under 5,000 square feet (feel free to correct me if needed and I’ll update this).  They are a solid set that could be stamped if needed by an architect licensed in the required state.  Stamping and licensing is one of those things that varies so much by location so we couldn’t possibly stamp them for all 50 states but they would pass a review.

I bought the Basic Set but I’ve decided I want to upgrade to the Full Set, can I do that?

Absolutely, the upgrade pages can be purchased HERE.




  1. If I can’t get a goose neck trailer can it be modified for a trailer with the bed in between the wheels type? Also how tall is your house?

    1. Yes, all of the details would be the same, you would just modify the plans to include a fold out or murphy style bed in the living area, perhaps incorporated into the storage unit currently shown under the bed. I have messed around with what this would look like, you can see that here,

      The house is 12′-7″ high, that includes my trailer which is 2′-8″ above grade.

  2. Do you think we could put a Kimberly wood stove inside your old media center so we could watch the flames while lying in bed ?

  3. Hey Macy, I was wondering, does it have to be a dovetail trailer? And do you have building plans for your updated house? I know you just had your new baby boy, congratulations btw:), so I’m not sure you’ve had much time to make the additions to your building plans but if you have, than that would be great for me:P Do you think this design would work well for on the road living? I’d only be pulling it maybe 4 months out of the year, but Alaskan roads are notorious for being very primitive… Also would it be moderately easy to change the interior floor plan do you think? Your plans are the closest to what I want that I’ve been able to find so far but I’d need to change the interior up a bit. The size is perfect tho 😉

    1. Hi Melissa, No way, does not have to be dovetail, it’s easier if it’s not, you don’t have to build it up level if there is no dovetail. I have not updated the plans to include the addition and I’m not sure if I will be able to honestly, my time seems to be used up by the kiddos and it is a super simple add, it’s just an additional 2 small walls and constructed the same as what is shown in the original, it should be pretty easy to add in (I think?)

      I would definitely choose materials based on weight more if you were to be moving often, lighter is going to be easier on your tow vehicle but regardless, so long as you are comfortable pulling that large of a load there should be no issues moving it around. The only other suggestion I would have if youre intending on moving is to use a different (self contained) composting toilet, otherwise it will be a pain packing/unpacking/hooking up the remote unit, I wouldn’t want to do it!

      I definitely suggest modifying whatever plans you get to suit you (or make your own!), plans are just a set of guidelines, definitely adapt it to you! 🙂 (sorry I took so long to get back to you, I had a baby! If you have other questions just let me know, I’ll try to do better 😉 )

  4. Did you vent your roof? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, what company did you use to purchase TPO for your roof and back wall?

    1. I used closed cell insulation with a gap at the top so I didnt vent the roof. I cannot remember the roof company, they have an orange and black logo, thats all I remember! sorry!

  5. I love your tiny house so much and hope to buy a set of the plans in the coming year. I do have a couple questions that you may have addressed but I didn’t see the answers to.

    How much does your completed tiny home weigh?

    Is it moveable? If so would it require a professional towing company?

    Mine will be located eventually in TN near Waynesville. I’m concerned about cold weather, snow and pipes.

    Thank you for any help you offer in info.

    Again of all the tiny houses I’ve seen your is my favorite.


    1. I do not know a precise weight, the tow driver guesstimated 14-16k, I have since removed 3k or flooring, so 11-13k? guessing.

      it is movable, it requires a heavy duty truck – 3/4 ton+, with a gooseneck hitch. I drive a prius so I just hired a tow company… I don’t personally plan on moving often, though you could.

      I live in Idaho, we have a solid 4 seasons, it’s been -12 through 114 so far in our living tiny, we make it! I have internal plumbing and use heat time to wrap the inlet pipes.

      Hopefully some of that is helpful!

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