Camper Update – TWO Big Updates!

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We have lights AND flooring, after a very productive weekend!  James worked outside (wiring) I worked Inside (cabinets and floor).  It took way to long to debate the right flooring but we are at a point that we just need to pick and go.  I wanted to use the foil, double bubble insulation, James less so.  It’s not something added back easily later so I went for it, I think it was a good move, the floor is already noticeable more comfortable to sit on.  Not that we will be sitting on it a lot (but Denver will!).  I just hate cold feet.  It doesn’t have a very high R-Value (I think it is probably much lower than they advertise) but it is a thermal break which will help keep the cold out and the heat in.

On Saturday I posted a survey in the Tiny House People group to see which flooring was thought to be the best.  The answers couldn’t have been more mixed but the only clear conclusion was that my favorite (B) was generally the least favorite.  Ultimately what it showed me was that there wasn’t really much of a difference in the overall look.  When that is the case I default to the cost.  The cheapest one was the slight winner in the group and also, the only one stocked at the store, which means I could work on it now instead of waiting for a shipment.  So, I went with it (C).  Saturday afternoon James and I went out, I heated the inside up so I could paint and James worked on wiring (and getting acquainted with his new drone).  After a second coat of paint on the ceiling and a first and second coat on the millwork I was happy with the finish.  I call it and James wants to test the lights he’s wired up.  We grab a spare battery and boom!  We have light!  It’s a bright white, which we went with rather than the warm yellow, I am not yet sure if that was the right call, it seems harsh… I was concerned about the standard yellow feel of most RVs… but maybe that has more to do with wood tones… either way, it feels a little ‘cold’,  I am hoping some soft surfaces and decor will warm it up!

James caught a bit of a cold (I am surprised he even worked on Saturday).  I asked him to chill out on Sunday and installed the floor.  First laying down the double bubble.  I had to take out the couch and potty and rearrange the kitchen to slide it into place but I wanted all of the floor covered, particularly the clod wheel wells.  It went fast, minus a quick trip to the store for more tape.  I came back all excited to install the snap together engineered cork floors.  They went together like a breeze!  It was a matter of a couple hours and I was done.  it was about 69 s.f. of tiles, minimal cutting, it almost seemed too easy!

Here are some pictures plus a video tour and some family stuff at the end!

Here is a quick tour we shot for my grandma, who wanted to see the progress but couldnt walk out on the icy pavement to get there.

We had a great meetup group out at Tiny Idahomes new shop, they have a pretty great set up and we are so lucky to have Jesse and Anca local to us!  Other than that, I got to add a pirate ship to Miles’s mural, he can now climb the ladder to the top bunk, sleeps in his own bed (sometimes) and is gaining a pretty big vocabulary!  Hazel and him are quite the pair, it’s awesome.

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  1. Nice 🙂 It will get warmer, once you put some colour accents in there. I wouldn’t worry about it yet. I like it.
    If you really want to go wild on colour, you should check It is a glamping website, so probably totally unpractical. But they go in a totally different direction qua colours and it is fun. Maybe you’ll get some totally insane ideas too (but more space saving) hihi

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