Inch By Inch, Bit By Bit… Another Camper Update

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We are in the heart of this ‘looks like no progress but I swear we are doing things’ phase… This weekend was another.  Well, and we had a sick day on Saturday for a nasty cold that moved through the house, fast, fortunately!  In any case, James got a little more wired for the lights and everything.  I think I have officially done as much as I can before we have to decide on a floor material.  I am SOOO bummed I haven’t had the right material fall into my lap (yet, still holding a tiny bit of hope!) but that is life!  Something needs to give… So, we are considering some options, it’s important that it can (1) hold up to great dane feet (2) not be super dark to show dirt (like the version one my tiny house) (3) Be lightweight (4) cheap is always a win. I really wanted to use a nice cork.  I found 100 ft of it on Craigslist but was too late, it sold!  While keeping my eyes out for  deal this week I will be researching how to do a paper bag floor.  Or figuring out a wood pattern we’d like to use to to make a floor.

Other than that I spent a little time cutting out the cabinet faces and such.  This next weekend I would like to paint things and get the floor started.  We’re working hard at the systems and getting a better plan for the plumbing which will come after the electrical.

And some winter updates on our tiny house:  We have had nearly 2 feet of snow, it trapped be for 6 days in our driveway (and again today!).  Made some crazy ice dams on the roof, there are issues all over town with ice dams, which are usually caused by heat escaping, these are mostly due to rapid heating up and super low drops, some days we have 50 degree swings so the snow melts and then freezes, a couple days of this has been dangerous!  I was easily able to knock my ice dams off fortunately.  The other news is that Miles has been sleeping in his bed!!  As part of my new leaf he is weaning, and it’s amazing to start to get my body and my space back. I love the kids but I love stretching out in bed too!  The last two nights the kids went to their own beds and stayed there!  It was glorious! 🙂



  1. i have not heard great things about the longevity of paper floors, especially in high traffic areas…it would suck to put in all that work and then have tons of scratches. on the other hand, it is cheap, cheap, cheap! 🙂

    1. thanks for this, it played into the decision to get cork instead, which is still pretty frail… but at least warm! 🙂

  2. Is the colorful flooring the paper bag or cloth floor? It looks beautiful but I also wonder about the longevity. I have a German Shepherd Dog, that said I know nothing about this type of flooring. Going to do some Googling now.

    1. I opted to not go with that kind because I hear it is fragile and with two kids and a dog I don’t want it too look terrible in no time!!

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