Another TT Update – Fridge

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An almost full family picture in the camper

I am getting to the parts I dread, like cutting a piece of plywood to a curve… I put the wall up between the bunks and the bathroom.  I had to prop a piece of plywood up on the outside to trace then cut it out, sounds easy enough but then it was fine tuning… it was me cutting the same piece of wood a bajillion times.  But I got it!  It’s what I refer to as ‘good enough for who it’s for!’  I’m glad I don’t do this professionally ;-).

We also got the fridge in to see if it would fit.  It does, snug as a bug!  Inch by inch… we’re getting there!

For Christmas James got me the nesting pots that I wanted for cooking in the camper, These Ones, The are perfect, great quality and put away super compact, I’m looking forward to using them!

We have a few things left to buy, the solar set up, the compost bin, a second propane tank and the United States Sticker mural for the back side of the camper.  And of course we have to order all the metal for the exterior, we will be doing that soon!

Here are some pictures, family stuff below:

Family Stuff: Merry Christmas, I hope your holiday season has been as great as ours!  We still have a couple get togethers but here are some pictures of Christmas adventures so far.


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