Forward Motion – Travel Trailer Update

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Front end

We’re making progress!  We have walls!  We were able to glue and screw the interior sheathing to the walls and get them mounted to the trailer this weekend, yeah!  I really like how the space is coming together.  Like any space, it will go through phases of feeling ‘bigger than you expect’ and ‘smaller…’  Right now we are at a bigger than expected phase.  It IS very cool to start to see it coming together.

We have pre-drilled and screwed and the framing together so far (this is one of my battles picked…).  We are leaving the outside uncovered until we get the inside fairly built out, this will allow us to add blocking wherever we need it as we go forward.  To do this we use this super awesome tool that I recommend as a gift to a tiny houser you know, the Kreg Jig.  This allows you to get a strong connection when face nailing, kind of like toe nailing but precise and recessed so that you have clean surfaces.


I’ll admit this has been challenging, James and I both have strong, and often counter, opinions of how things should go.  We’ve been working out a pecking order to make sure we both get what is important to us.  Right now we are both thrilled with how it is coming together so no matter how epic the debates have gotten we got to a happy spot! ha!  It seems like the less ‘blank’ the slate is the easier it is to go forward, it’s hard when anything is possible, it’s easier when you’ve got some parameters to work within!

The family stuff!

I’ve been working on Hazels mural more.  I got the farm a little ways and she found me.  Her only comment was ‘I wanted 5 horses’… I had only drawn three… so I drew two more, and hid some cats and ducks around.  I also started on the waterfall and nemo portion, it is harder to draw likenesses than crap out of your own head so it took a bit longer… It’s not there just yet but close.  All we have left is the fairy tree village and a big dino which she says she doesn’t want because its scary… so that might not get done….

Now I have ideas flowing for what to paint in Miles’s bed, I think his personality needs to bloom a little more before I have a clear direction but I am having visions of a tree house, pirate ships, a dessert, a campfire in the mountains… What are other good ideas for a mural in his?

We also had a birthday party to go to, Miles and Hazel’s cousin Timmy turned ONE!  Miles turns one on Saturday (already!?).  This week we will be planning his party at the park!

ALSO, and I write this to hold myself accountable a little… I have decided that I need to get better at using my camera.  I am going to try my hand at a project 52, THIS project 52 actually.  I will have to shoot one image a week for a year, starting on Miles’s birthday so that I can have an easy start date!  Wish me luck!

Happy Fall All!



  1. Dino’s, trucks and animals may be big for da little man. Bolder colours probably. Each is a little different. He may want something to not be left out but I’d agree wait for his taste.

    Have you see the glow in the dark stars for ceilings?

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