Inch By Inch! Travel Trailer Update

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I get to quote my friend Susan, ‘inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard!’  Small steps guys, that’s what I’m celebrating here!

We worked our butts off today and have just a little to show.  We’ve finally made it to framing but unfortunately don’t have anything too fancy to show just yet, we framed the two main walls on the ground,  Amazingly things seemed to work out, almost too well, both sides are almost exactly the same, for having such a wonky layout I expected much different outcome than that!  We are trying to figure out how to bend the plywood curves without snapping them.  Dry as is doesn’t work, we are going to try soaking them overnight then bending them, clamping them and letting them dry… We wonder about steaming them but are not sure how to do that with what we have… if you have ideas for bending plywood throw them at me! 🙂

We have decided we are going to make it fun, each of the kids bunks will have one of these windows in it, it’s pretty fun to design little people spaces! 🙂


Our budget hit $1,500 because we bought awning hardware, it’s brand new and from the same guy who we bought the A/C unit from.  It is overkill but will be nice :), Here are some construction pics of all that:

Next update and there should be more fun stuff, I hope! We have been working, it’s just mostly the planning sort of work…

We have been working on our mural… still a ways to go!  Hazel helped me paint!
We’ve had some big family things so they have taken priority, my brother got married last weekend!  My dad turned 57, I turned 33, so we’ve basically just been partying, excepts Denver, he’s been sleeping! 🙂  In no particular order…



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