We Saved SO Much Money! Our A/C

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Guys!  I am SOOO excited.  We saved $600 dollars while buying a thing we didn’t budget for at all 8)… and so it has also increased our (over) budget sheet…  BUT it is SO worth it!  We got an A/C unit for our camper for $200 :).

We had been thinking… ‘if this thing is going to be livable for a year we are going to need some cooling…’ All of the RV units cost WAY too much to mindfully justify, we were pretty much set on the Noria but I was waiting to see if they came out with a vertical application before buying.  It would work but it wasn’t ‘ideal’.  Well, random me who was too tunnel visioned and too tired to sleep was cruising Craigslist ‘RV’ section way too late and stumbled on this RV unit that was for sale, for $275… I know that is less than half the asking price so I click it to see whats up… looked normal, just a dude selling a brand new unit super cheap… so I send it to James.

James gets UBER excited because he doesn’t like to overheat more than I don’t like to, calls the guy and sets up a time to check it out.  We went out to check it out, I was a bit suspicious of the motives and if it really works.  It is literally the BEST RV A/C out there, it’s ‘brand new, never used’… I have a right to be suspicious.

Well, turns out, the guy works in the demo department of a local RV retailer, some fancy pants guy had bought a new RV and didn’t like that particular unit and opted to remove it and put a different one in there… This guy was supposed to throw it away, he’s not allowed to sell it but, like anyone who knows the value of a dollar he couldn’t just throw it… so he took it home.  His wife got mad to have all this RV stuff stored in the garage and so she put it all on Craigslist.  One of those things was our new A/C unit plus vents and thermostat, the set retails over $800.  I asked if he would take $200, he said sure!  So we have a new A/C unit.  Turns out we may have new awning hardware too… we’re still thinking on that one… we will see!

That’s not all though, this particular unit can also be a heater if we buy a $50 part… heck ya!  So, that means for $250 we have a 15,000 btu DC air conditioner!  AND a 6,500 btu heater.  No floor space used.  Win, win, win, win, win!

On the con side (because there is always one of those…), it will add some air drag and decrease our mileage I’m sure, and since we haven’t yet framed we will be sure to add strapping and make sure we have enough shear strength to accommodate it but we are pretty stoked with ourselves over this!

In other news, my friend Jane was astute enough to point out I forgot to mention a pretty BIG deal that happened almost two weeks ago!  Miles decided he was going to start walking!

He is now a pro at it and has moved onto climbing and jumping, particularly on and off (respectively) things he has no business being on in the first place!  I most likely forgot to mention this because he has lost interest in eating through the day due to his new found skills and instead chooses to keep me up ALL night making up for that!  We are almost 14 days in on his ’10 month regression’ and it’s killing me!

In yet other news though, I have found out recently (today) that I am neither an introvert or an extrovert but instead am a ‘creative’.  I found this out because in my effort to get Hazel in the top bunk, so I can get Miles in the bottom bunk, so that I can have my own damn bed back, so that I can have a peaceful night of sleep (ha!  I know that won’t be happening soon, but I can day dream (because I sure as heck can’t night dream) about it!), I started painting a mural in the top bunk, despite my over exhausted state this process SUPER energized me.  I suppose it may have been apparent to most of the people in my life that aren’t me but, today I realized I ‘get my energy’ not from myself or from others but from creating something!  Anything I think, just doing something with my hands and my head.  So… while I have quite a ways to go before I call this mural ‘done’ I am very excited that I got off my tired butt and started it today! (and bonus, my friend called me fearless AND told me that the way I do things inspires her.  My very FAVORITE name to be called is ‘inspiring!’)

(I realize now I also forgot to mention why those weird images were posted in the last post… sleepless nights… its because I was thinking about this mural for Hazel and collecting ideas)

Be well!




  1. So how did you find out your a creative? I mean is there some kind of personality test? I really feel I’m one too because I get energized by doing as well AND I’m a massage therapist.
    I used to paint things in my baby sisters closet that was large enough for her to play in. Cool thinking Macy and congrats on the ac. I love those finds! Feel like my hunter energy is out to good utilization like that!

    1. I just made it up, ha! I’ve never really felt as energized and refreshed as when I create something. I feel like my ‘bucket’ has very little to do with myself or other people… (mostly I am full of crap ;-))

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