Travel Trailer Update – The Waiting Game

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All gone

This weekend in camper news, not a lot of physical progress but TONS of mental progress.  James and I really want to get framing but it’s a bit premature… We’ve decided we need to get all the major appliances, make sure they work and then frame directly for them, there isn’t a ton of room for redoing stuff.

We’ve decided that this little camper is a bit harder to plan than the tiny house was, we have even less room to fit all the same stuff AND it needs to be on-grid and off-grid capable!  We are researching solar options right now, this book has been fantastic in helping


It’s a great big complex thing for me, and James has never dealt with Solar either so we both decided it was about time!  Anyway, I highly recommend this book, it’s one I am going add to my side bar of helpful resources!

We ordered some other stuff, I need to update my (over) budget sheet

  • Jacks for the back end, these will get welded on to the frame –
  • A new front Jack for the front, the trailers was broken
  • Water Heater – we went with another Eccotemp model, different than the tiny house one but very flexible and affordable with workable clearances with a strainer
  • Our Tub – 25″ around bucket for a shower stall and a kids bath
  • A dry erase sticker for the fridge, this will be a nice place to brainstorm and cover the yucky old sticker

We have a possible lead on an A/C unit that is fairly new and listed at about 1/3 of retail price, we’re taking a look at it tomorrow, wish us luck!

 Here are the pictures of our minimal work followed by some family update sort of stuff!


  1. Macy, hardly fair that I’m now convinced that your talents truly have no end. Now we need to add seamstress, bridal clothing expert and pattern designer to the list. There’s nothing left for the rest of us to do! Haha

    Loved your updates, as usual, but I’m afraid that I missed the one about Miles walking. How old was he when he decided to look at the world horizontally? He is so sweet!

    Keep the updates coming and take care.


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