Camper Reno… Continued… (Might be a micro tiny house now…)

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We’ve been working hard on our camper since getting back from the Jamboree!  The trip was just what we need to put a little shuffle in our step and get through this, do it the right way, and get on the road!  James and I both also came back with a better understanding of what taking to the road with little kiddos will entail.  It was a bit of a scouting mission for us!

First, were going to aim for not more than two hours a day in the car on travel days.  That makes for a slow go but speed isn’t the point for us!

I’m not sure I ever really announced our ‘next plans’ here… we’re going to hit the road for a few months in our soon to be renovated travel trailer, check out other parts of the country and visit a bunch of national parks and monuments!  We may get done in a week but more likely it will be a few months…

We have talked about VagaBonding (both as a verb and the actual book, which we listened to on the drive, excellent ‘read’), timeline (next summer), working on the road (location independance is a major goal), eating on the road (healthy and budget friendly), exercising on the road (because its pretty important too), school, websiting, podcasting (because I miss it!), learning, being creative.  If we are going to do this as more than just a short vacation all of these things need to be accounted for.

The big question we keep wondering… Should we wait? Until the kids are older, when they will remember… wait until our lives are a bit more ‘where we want them to be’?  Wait until timing is ‘right’.

Nope, those things will never be ‘just right’.  If the kids can’t remember we may just have to go again later!  These are the things that shape lives, maybe more for James and I right now but that will certainly trickle down to the kids too… we want to do this now, so we’re going to raise it up the priority pole and make it happen… even if it means we put off our next project, if the yard doesn’t get turned ‘pretty’ for another year… whatever. We’re making the choice and we’re going to do what we can to make it happen.

Design inspiration-

I think you can see from our renovation photos, we are completely redoing this sucker.  A lot of vintage trailer restorers would be so mad!  Fact is this NEEDS to function for a family of four plus a large dog for an extended period of time though, the original Aloha just doesn’t do that.  We do love the look of the Aloha (and James loves the name, I’m convinced that was a selling point – He loves Hawaii).  We will be keeping the geometry of the trailer but we have decided to basically scrap everything else.  The frame was too rotted to reuse we were going to try to save the skin, patch the frame but at a point we just had to decide… nope… and we did.

So it is basically going to be a completely new micro house. (the funniest part of this to me.. I get to build another tiny house alongside Andrew Odom! (we built the same time the first found!, I had some serious dejavue when I saw this! 🙂 )

In short, it will be the same but different.  I want port hole windows, bunk beds for the kids, a bathroom, all things the original didn’t have…

Here is an update of where are trailer is at… or should I say where it has gone…



  1. I’m excited for you to hit the road and to follow your adventures. I foresee MiniMotives taking on a “travel journey” chapter

  2. Have you changed the interior plans or are they still similar to what you posted before? I really want to see how all of it fits together!
    Huh, depending of where you guys are going, we might cross paths on the road sometime.

  3. Looks like hard work, but that has never scared you before Mis Macy! It seems, the more impossible the job, the more creative you become. How wonderful to possess such talent and being able to see the end project from a pile of rubble.

    So proud of you and your family! SearchING all the world had to offer while your kids are young and mobile is great.

    Take care my friend and keep up the wonderful documentation of your journey!!

  4. Wow – the project has certainly evolved. Looking forward to seeing where this goes\ grows. It would seem some of that floor has to go too.

  5. You guys are going to have a blast! 2 hours driving a day, wonderful. Hazel and Miles will dig it and so will Denver : )

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