New Cabinets/Stairs and a family Update!

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I am getting prepped and ready to go to Colorado Springs for the Tiny House Jamboree on the first weekend in August.   I am udder introverted and it’s times like these I wonder why in the heck I said ‘okay’ to speaking at the event (but I am still oddly excited),  I have a vague idea of what I want to say but that’s it, a vague idea… In my nervousness I have found a plethora of ways to procrastinate figuring out something a little more solid.  For instance, I made Hazel a new dress:

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I’ll be making one just like it for me! Because, adorable.

Other ways to procrastinate what I SHOULD be doing have included, refacing every cupboard and drawer in my house, building new stairs, putting a fresh coat of paint on the entire interior of the house.  Seriously, I don’t mess around, procrastination has been a serious tool to GSD (get ‘stuff’ done) in my life!   Here are some progress photos of that:

With the exception of resealing the outside of my house (which will be done before August, I bet ya!), I think I have exhausted my avenues of procrastination… which means I will have to focus in on what my talk will be about.

It’s kind of cool to be given a platform to speak, directly to people who are interested in what I am interested in, for an hour about what I feel is the most important thing I have learned on this whole wild ride… sometimes and hour seems SO long but mostly I think… how can I possibly fit it all in one hour!?  The shorter the talk the more time is needed to prepare, weeding out the ‘fluff’ is hard!

The vague idea that I want to convey is that DIY is important!  I want to encourage others to do this themselves.  The journey is important for more than one reason!

With that, here is a family update of my turkeys:



  1. Hey Macy!! Love all your updates and of course the awesome photos!

    My favorite picture is of Hazel and grandpa going to see the ponies. It is a picture from behind and it is adorable.

    Secondly, your talent never ceases to amaze me. I lover the new drawer stairs, cupboards and couch. The patio is a wonderful extension of your home. Love the mosaics, seating and fire pit.

    Thirdly, I live how you are inventive enough and wise enought to know that kids would usually like playing with the box a gift came in than the gift. The PVC piping is priceless!

    Lastly, don’t be wary about your speaking engagements. You are a wonderful story teller and have great information and insight for others. In fact, if I had known about this conference, I would have saved my money and flown to the conference to hear you and the other’s tell their tales.

    Hugs and smiles, Jane

    1. The PVC is moms favorite toy too! its not sharp to step on, its easy to pick up, and we make the coolest things! (I am just now getting to comments… I do hope you’ll make it! If you do I will wish you a happy 50th in my talk! Ormaybe I will anyway! :))

    1. I literally put off replying ot all my comments until I had a chance to read this, 9 days, not too bad! SO worth it, I laughed my butt off! I just got done reading (well hearing, audio book) Chris’s new book, TED Talks: The Official TED Guide To Public Speaking, he talked about this guy quite a bit and it was perhaps the most helpful part of the book for me! I am definitely solidly in the wing it phase now, but I am hoping to get to the second phase, with an outline. I would crash and burn with a memorization style talk… Thank you so much for the link!
      Favorite line “If you’re asked to give a wedding speech, don’t be a dick—it’s someone’s wedding. Either gather the guts to speak from the heart and go with Method 2, or put in the time it takes to get to 3C.” ha! The comic is pretty much me… now… July Macy is pissed! 🙂

  2. YOU, madame, are amazing! I just found your blog I I feel on Cloud 9 right now. What you have done has blown me away.

    As a divorcee myself, who lost my home in the crash, I am desperate to build a tiny home. For me, it would be like going full circle, as I grew up in one until I was 12 years old.

    I want to build it myself, only partly because I am broke, but more because I want to learn everything there is to know about building one. I want the joy of creating a home for myself.

    I live up near Boulder and already have my tickets for the Jamboree. I hope I get to listen to you speak while I’m there. I’ll be camping in the free campsite. I’m the 58 year old lunatic with the spiky purple hair. 😉


    1. YOU Madame are too nice! I thank you for your kind words, shockingly thought, your description reminded me of three others, I think that means that you have found ‘your people’ in the tiny house world! I aspire to have spiky purple hair myself! Come say hi, I am getting so very excited to meet people in person!

  3. Love the updates and the pictures. ? your kiddos are getting so big and cuter by the minute ? I’m so looking forward to the Jamboree and am hoping to meet you in person. ?? You and your Tiny House turned me on to this whole idea about 1 1/2 years ago, one day in March of 2015 when I was home, sick in bed and somehow came across your adorable house. The bug but me right then and there…and here I am, a little over a year later, living in my 18 ft travel trailer which someday (hopefully soon) will be the down payment on my own Tiny Dream Home. ?? Thank you so much for being so open and sharing your life and Tiny House progress with us all, so openly. ??

    1. Awww that is SO sweet! I hope we can chat, please introduce yourself so I can say hi in person!! (I’ll be wearing a pink dress that matches Hazels :))

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