Fire Pit

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I was really trying to finish the fire pit before fathers day,  for fathers day will have to work!  I have been pretty down low about the whole deck project and I admit it was nice to do a big thing without the obligation to blog about it, it was my little vacation.  This though, was the very last step of the deck, it is done, done now!

I built a 4’x4′ fire pit/table to sit in the middle of our seating area.  It is propane because with two littles we have limited time, even though we love wood fires they take a decent amount of time to start and then you need to watch them.  This has a key that we turn on and off.  we can have a fire basically at the snap of our fingers!  and end it that fast too!  It’s pretty grand!

I built it with 3/4″ plywood, 2×4 framing, copius amounts of mortar, some cheap colored plates and various glass pieecs I could find and a propane fire kit.  add some love and a little magic and we are set for summer (and winter) fun!



  1. that looks REALLY beautiful… we are going to build a deck someday and this gives me some ideas… i love the mosaic, would love to make a whole deck that way!!! and the propane fire would be good for us too, as my husband doesn’t like chopping wood…

  2. Macy, this looks absolutely gorgeous. ? I bet James was thrilled. ?? It’s definitely a place I would love to hang out at night (well, on the nights I’m not working). ? Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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