Camper Destruction Take Two and other happenings…

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James and I are adding one more year to our memories as we approach our fourth anniversary.  As is our tradition we took a new image of us and our family in front of our current home, holding the picture from last year.  It’s fun to see the times change through these little snap shots, we have pretty much added a new life each year, we intend to stop that from here on out! 🙂  We are thinking this time next year we may just be sitting in front of our camper in some random location in the US (I’m voting Mount Rushmore, James is less than thrilled with that choice! 🙂


The years past (We aren’t and don’t intend to get married, our anniversary is from our first date, we think that is a big enough deal!)

Onto the trailer stuff… We’re trying to work out a color scheme on the outside, excuse the crappy renders.  I have a pretty good idea on how the inside will come together (and James is just awful trusting), the outside I am less than thrilled with.  It’s a vintage trailer but we are definitely not trying to ‘restore’ it to its natural state… we’re whipping it into shape, a pretty, clean, more modern state that is! James and I like the two tones of yester year but it doesn’t feel fitting for our case.  I feel like a one tone with brushed aluminum accents and a big US map (collecting images of us in those locations over time) would be fancy enough… James thinks we need SOMETHING else… I don’t disagree but I am just not sure what… Here are a few options I was playing with, none of them are winners in my minds eye… maybe you have a suggestion?

Camper reno pictures below, this is where I list WAY too many pictures just to make sure I have something from every angle to reference for when I have questions later… more images of family happenings further below….

And the family update stuff!



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